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Re: If ROH Goes Under What Promotion Will Be The New Number 3?

Originally Posted by King_Of_This_World View Post
It is worldwide viewership and brand knowledge that matters.
Matters to who, you? There are plenty of successful businesses that aren't worldwide. Not just in the United States either. And all this talk earlier about NJPW not mattering is ridiculous.

Bottom line is, you can shill TNA all you want, they're still un-etertaining in my opinion. It doesn't matter how many TV's can tune into their product when no one will pay to see it. Better hotshot that world title to Jeff Hardy again, so maybe he'll stick around come contract time, so no one can still know (or care) that he's there! Is that really the state of the "#2." A promotion that after a decade people still don't know exists?

Fuck, their last TV show was a Kurt Angle Vs. Jeff Hardy reffed by Earl Hebner called by Taz on color match. If that's the "alternative" then it isn't much of one, since I could have seen that exact thing elsewhere a decade ago. Forty-six finishers, roll-up finish. Genius.

I'll take NJPW & having some tomato cans on the internet disagree with me. Even if NJPW isn't #2 or #3 of even #10...does it matter? It's still better than everything else & as a fan, that is what should matter to us. Have you even watched New Japan this year? They're so good. One of the best years of a promotion I have ever seen. Up there with 2005 ROH or early 90's AJPW or mid 90's ECW or whatever else anyone wants to compare it to. I think they have four of the top five matches of the year so far & I think they have the wrestler of the year so far. Plus they're drawing well, selling out shows & expanding. That's relevant to me.
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