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re: Hell In A Cell Discussion: DON'T GO CHASING WATERFALLS

Originally Posted by sharkboy22 View Post
WWE has fucked up way too many times with Ziggler in the past. At first they took too long to put the IC title on him. When Ziggler won the IC title back in 2010 no one gave a fuck. That and it was on an episode of SD with no build.

Then they pulled the trigger to soon and put the WHC on him.....for 13 minutes.

The last thing Ziggler needs is another pre-mature title run. Let it just happen on its own. Don't rush things. We have an entire year to work with. Could you imagine if WWE didn't wait as long as they did with Edge? The timing for Edge's cash in was perfect. Both cash ins as a matter of fact.

You don't just wake up one morning and decide to create moments in wrestling, they just happen. Or at least that's how the fans perceive it. Remember the Punk shoot? It just happened. It built to apoint and when it occurred it was lightning in a bottle. Somehow, someway everything just magically falls into the place and now is not the time for Ziggler to cash in MITB.
You don't have to tell me, I agree with you. I was merely pointing out that WWE hasn't learned from its past mistakes and it would be just like them to have another guy with no momentum become World Champ. They did it with Swagger, they did it with Miz (well, not NO momentum, but Miz wasn't exactly the hottest guy on the roster), they did it with Daniel Bryan last year (though of course, that turned out way better than anyone could've possibly expected).

It's About Damn Time.
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