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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

I'm a fan of the Orton/Jericho match except the finish. A solid ***1/2 for me.

Speaking of Armageddon, I'm at the main event of 2004. YAY, 2004 is also over soon, 05 here I come!


Armageddon 2004:

*Rey Mysterio & RVD vs René Duprée & Kenzo Suzuki - **3/4
- A decent bout and better than their previous match. Although the double 619 was botched badly due to bad positioning.

*Kurt Angle vs "Santa Claus" - 0
- No comments.

*Daniel Puder vs Mike "The Miz" Mizanin - **3/4
- This is pretty much a boxing, unscripted match between the two. Pretty fun to watch and Puder wins by popularity.

*Basham Brothers vs Hardcore Holly & Charlie Haas - *
- Nothing screams random more than the face tag team on this one.

*John Cena vs Jesus - **1/2
- This is more or less a squash match for Cena and he destroys HeySoose for almost ten minutes. I really like this intense Cena. He would be so great if he had this attitude as part of his character. Also the spinning US Title belt is introduced here as well as the "Ruck Fules" t-shirt. As a massive hip-hop fan, I love the spinning belts Cena introduced including the WWE Title. Turntables for the win!

*Dawn Marie vs Miss Jackie - 1/2*
- More entertaining to look out for the struggled attempts at performing some moves correctly than anything else.

*Big Show vs Kurt Angle, Mark Jindrak & Luther Reigns - **1/2
- Nothing really much. Big Show takes on all three in a handicap match and wins following a.... F5!

*Spike Dudley vs Funaki - **3/4
- Not bad but nothing great. This was out of nowhere as Funaki only ever wrestled to get squashed before this sudden push he gets.

*JBL vs Eddie Guerrero vs Undertaker vs Booker T - ***1/2
- Is a standard four way for the most part of the first 10-15 minutes but towards the end after Booker & JBL go through a table, this gets absolutely awesome and exciting to watch. A bunch of finisher exchanges between all four and Heidenreich is the one to interfere in Bradshaw's behalf against the Undertaker. If I didn't know the result beforehand, this would have probably been a bit better. Also wish there had been more exchanges between Eddie and Taker since this is the only time they were opponents. Another thing worth mentioning is the botched powerbomb by JBL on the table and how well he improvised instantly by dropping an elbow on Booker to break the thing. (since some cables got Booker's foot stuck therefore JBL couldn't lift him properly)

Overall: **1/2 out of ***** (A great main event, some alright undercard stuff and some outright duds. This is pretty much a mixed-bag and still, it's one of the better Smackdown PPVs for 2004. Ranking for the whole year will come in a couple of days when I finish watching the final Raw & SD episodes.)

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