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Re: ASS CREED III - October 30th, 2012....Bye Ezio :'(

I can't wait to get my hands on Assassin's Creed III. Most anticipated game of 2012 for me and a very serious contender to Game of the Year. Been a fan of the series since I played Assassin's Creed, in the summer of 2008, and my love for this series has been growing with the releases of the sequels. It is without a doubt my favorite video game series at the moment, by a mile.

Regarding my favorite AC game, it's undoubtedly Assassin's Creed II . That game is absolutely beautiful, astonishing, and it had practically everything a video game must have. Interesting characters, diversity in the characters too, amazing character development, great missions, great graphics, beautiful cities ( Venezia is still my favorite city in AC), astounding story, emotion, longevity, and one of the most important things for me, the atmosphere of the game, Jesus Christ, I can't even describe that. I never felt so good playing a video game.

With this said, I must say that I love all the other games, AC1 is still the game that I completed more ( I completed that game like 6 or 7 times) and for me, one of the best things in AC 1 is undoubtedly the dialogs, they are absolutely amazing, the best in the AC series, and of course the combat in AC1 is still the best for me.

Regarding Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, it's a pretty underrated game. Love that game to death. Loved the story, loved the setting, amazing new characters, especially Cesare, beautiful graphics, and the best AC game regarding side missions.

Originally Posted by Tyrion Lannister View Post
Altair who is the most boring, dull lead character in video game history.
Completely disagree with your opinion regarding Altaïr.

He's my favorite character along with Al Mualim in Assassin's Creed and to this day I still do not understand how people still say that he was dull or boring and had no personality, when he displayed various traits of his personality, not to mention the change of personality that he had in the original game, one of the best character developments in the AC series. At first, he was a complete self centered individual, which I loved, he was arrogant, bold, cocky, overconfident and thought that he was the best thing on Earth, no one was above him, no one could touch him. Then, when he realized that his actions almost destroyed the Assassin Order, leading to his demotion from Master Assassin to Novice, and his quest for redemption, his attitude started to change, he was now a humbled man, a completely different person, he respected his brothers, he heard what they had to say, their advice, and he was a much more wise man.

Absolutely love his character.

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