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Re: Classic Jobbers: Jim Powers

Originally Posted by Greenlawler View Post
I think once again the WWF pr department struck here. Jim Powers was no way 5'11, maybe 5'9at best. The WWF always added at least 3 inches to everyone, and the wrestlers themselevs believed the WWF pr people. If Jim Powers had been 5'11 it would have put him at a legit height at the time. Many superstars were less than 6'0 including Ric Flair (who I know is not 6'0 tall). I am 6'0 tall and I have towered over many of the supposed 6'0 plus guys billed by wreslting companies in the pictures I have taken over the years.

The deeper question here is what constitutes a jobber? I am not arguing Powers was not a jobber, he was. Although we would all admit he was a little better than your typical jobber because he did score lots of wins here and there in the loaded WWF. Lots of guys we would consider WWF and even WCW jobbers had solid careers in the territories.

I think Jimmy Powers would have been a star in some of the territories early in his career, but by the time he left the WWF his lot was cast because of exposure.

Many "classic jobbers" due to WWF television were really treated as main event wrestlers in and managed to get titles in the territories: Guys like Barry Horowitz was a contender in Florida and Memphis. The Italian Stalion perhaps the ultimate jobber in the 80's NWA held titles in the territories. Len Denton, Tony Anthony, even Iron Mike Sharpe served as little more than jobbers in the "big two" but were all headliners throughout their career.

So there is a difference to me in a classic jobber (and Mike I am agreeing with your threads not disagreeing) and a "glorified jobber" who had a gimmick or music, or a "Big Two" jobber who was a star in other areas.
Yeah I agree that his height was fudged by the PR dept. I have been close enough to Paul Roma to notice that I was a bit taller. I'm 5'10" on a good day.

I also agree that Powers would likely have been a small territory or indy champ with his look and overall abilities.

My answer to what constitutes a "classic jobber" are guys who lost 90% or more of their matches in a big promotions and most of the time they lose clean. WCW, AWA, and WWE would be the qualified companies for the jobber label to stick. Lesser companies, and NWA territories that were small compared to JCP are not applicable here in regards to how I am defining a jobber.

I should note that I have three levels of jobber in my view:

1) Squash Jobber - never wins, loses to credible jobbers, and mount no offense.
2) Credible Jobber - beat squash jobbers, but virtually never beat anyone lower mid card on up. they get to mount some offense even against main eventers.
3) Jobber To The Stars - usually an aged star, still beats lower level jobber types, but almost always loses to midcard on up.

Jim Powers would be a Credible Jobber according to my scale.

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