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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Right, I have a couple of little updates I want to post but before that there is something I want to say. Today is a very special day for this thread as this thread is now officially one year old! As far as where I am in it... yeah I'm not going to lie, I thought Iíd be a lot further on than I am in terms of thread time. But this has been a big year for me personally so BTB did have to be pushed further back in terms of priorities at times, and of course I was under the impression that this thread had died for a couple of months but I saw my senses and realised that this is my thread. Since I returned from the very short hiatus I think I came back a different and much better booker, and I can say to myself that the stuff post-hiatus is as if a different person has been doing my thread.

Even though Iím not as far as I wanted/hoped, there are a few things that I am proud of achieving so far;
- Getting to 10,000 views only the other day was a huge accomplishment and somewhat a humbling experience as it hit me that my thread had been on someoneís screen 10,000 times is slightly surreal.
- Iím extremely proud of Night of Champions; it was my first full PPV and I know it wasnít perfect but I stand by the fact that in that show is my best work so far in my booking career.
- The support Iíve gotten from people that post in the thread has been fantastic. I know we have our little group (You guys know who you are <3) as well as those I donít speak to on MSN or whatever... I just want to say thanks, itís been a great journey so far and long may we Push the Boundaries!

Right now all of that soppy stuff is out of the way; letís get down to some actual thread stuff. I wanted to do this after my previous Raw but I thought the best place to do this would be from the first Raw after Night of Champions. These are just some little interview style things (Think Backstage Fallout or similar to 619) that I thought would just add to characters that donít always get a chance to speak out on the main shows. At the moment Iíll stick to them just for Raw, but if they are well received/ you guys like them, Iíll stick with them and also do it for Smackdown too. Don't expect them to be at the quality of say 619's at this point as well btw Iím also toying with the idea of trying a Power 25 each week as well, I know the couple of people Iíve already mentioned it to havenít been against it but again I want to know what everyone else thinks. Also a massive thanks for all of the Raw feedback so far, any more would be very much appreciated.


Spoiler for Curt Hawkins and Primo explain themselves:

Weíre backstage somewhere in the arena and we cut right into a slightly puffed out looking Curt Hawkins and Primo as they clearly have just finished their match where Primo turned on his partner Zack Ryder to aid Hawkins and Jack Swagger to victory. Suddenly, a voice chirps up off camera, this would be The Interviewer.

The Interviewer: Curt, Primo, thanks for joining us quickly; we just have a couple of questions for you. Primo, first, do you care to explain your actions from tonight? You stabbed Zack Ryder in the back-

Primo: Let me stop you right there, smart guy! You say I stabbed Zack Ryder in the back? The only reason I stabbed Zack in the back is because his back is the only thing I could see of him after he turned it on me.

Primo looks a little annoyed as Hawkins nods along.

Primo: Ever since Zack started his whole Youtube show and all of those fans became his main priority, he left his friends, like me and Curt, in the gutter.

Curt Hawkins: He only decided that we mattered to him when he realised that by trying to save us from Jack Swagger he could make himself look even better; he doesnít care about us.

Hawkins puts his hand on Primoís shoulder as he continues.

Curt Hawkins: Zack Ryder is selfish... and he deserves everything he is getting from Jack Swagger... and more.

The Interviewer: So hereís another question that people will want to ask; what is your relationship with each other? And how does Jack Swagger fit into all of this?

Curt Hawkins: First of all... we want to clear something up that I know is already runniní through a few peopleís minds... we arenít Jackís lackeys or his bodyguards. All Jack did was bring myself and Primo together.

The microphone is thrust a little closer to the duo as our interviewer clearly wants a more elaborate answer.

Primo: When I got hurt... it was Curt that came to find out if I was okay. We didnít know each other that well but we had one common link; Zack. I realised that the only reason I got hurt was because I was friends with Zack; thatís when I realised I had to get out.

Curt Hawkins: Thatís when I found out that I was scheduled to face Jack last week... I didnít wanna get taken out... so I went to speak with Jack and that is when we came up with the plans for last week and tonight. And as you saw... they both worked perfectly.

Both men smirk at each other before Curt continues.

Curt Hawkins: So Primo and I have decided that weíre gonna stick together and not let anyone hold us back the way that Zack Ryder did ever again.

Curt starts to turn around and he slaps Primo on the back before saying ďLetís get outta here.Ē Both men make their exit after that and the screen fades to black.


Spoiler for Alex Riley ready to ruin some plans?:

The camera is set up in a corridor this time, and a figure is walking down towards it; quickly being identified as Alex Riley. He seems in a good mood as he bounces along the corridor.

The Interviewer: Hey, Alex! If you donít mind me asking whyíre you in such a good mood?

Alex Riley: Well, I take it you all saw what happened tonight with Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre, right? They seem to have it all worked out!

Riley bobs up and down on the spot; rubbing his hands together.

Alex Riley: They think that McIntyre is just going to brush his opponent next week aside and just waste a United States title opportunity... oh no, think again, boys!

Riley now smirks at the camera.

Alex Riley: Drew, youíre opponent next week? Well, you guessed it; youíre looking right at Ďim... A-Ry. Alex. Riley.

He pauses as he is seemingly salivating over the opportunity.

Alex Riley: Iíve been to the main event of Wrestlemania and Iíve won matches on Pay-Per-View but thereís one thing that Alex Riley has still yet to do here in the WWE; and that is win some championship gold!

Riley now motions around his waist; making the ďI want a titleĒ motion.

Alex Riley: And I have a feeling that come Hell in a Cell... I might have to move up a weight class because Iíll be getting twenty pounds heavier... Haha!

The interview is capped off by one of Rileyís cheesy jokes and then his trademark laugh... he seems to shake hands with The Interviewer after heís finished as he is walking away.


Now fo' a little bit of news...

Originally Posted by pwtorch.com

Rey Mysterio sidelined, Plans to add to the Raw roster, Another debut next week?

As seen on Raw this past Monday, Rey Mysterio was decimated by Brodus Clay and was last seen being loaded into the back of an ambulance. Like previously reported on several other sites around a month ago, Mysterio will now take some time off to recover from some recurring injuries, namely his troublesome knee. It is unknown how long Mysterio will be out for but backstage sources are saying that Mysterio will be gone for the rest of 2011 and could very well make his return to compete either at the Royal Rumble event in January or WWE Officials might decide to allow him to rest past that event so he can participate in Wrestlemania 28 in April, but Mysterioís attendance in Miami is believed to be cartain; the capacity in which he could be is unknown but thought to be involving Brodus Clay; the man that kayfabe injured him on Raw.

Brodus Clay did indeed make his redebut on Raw this past Monday, but he will not be the only new face on Raw in the coming few weeks. With Rey Mysterio now on the shelf, the need for a midcard face is evident as WWE Officials are rumoured to not be that high on Evan Bourne as a permanent fixture on Raw. One name thought to definitely get the call up from FCW soon is Xavier Woods, who was known as Consequences Creed in TNA; he is held in high regard backstage as he has the experience of appearing on a televised wrestling company. Many believe Woods might even make his first appearance on WWE programming next week when Raw is in the Mohegan Sun Arena in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Also thought to be coming up from FCW soon is the tag team of Hunico and Epico, otherwise known as Los Aviadores. Many think that the Smackdown roster has much more depth to it than Raw so it is thought the high-flying team will be assigned to the red brand also. Although there are quite a few members of the Raw roster that are inactive which include; Rey Mysterio (Expected Return Ė Early 2012), The Big Show (Expected Return Ė Late 2011), Goldust (Expected Return Ė Late2011/Early 2012) and Skip Sheffield (Expected Return Ė Early 2012).

Thanks again for everything guys <3
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