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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

No Surrender 2012

1) Bound For Glory Series Semi-Final:
Jeff Hardy vs Samoa Joe ~ **

2) Bound For Glory Series Semi-Final:
Bully Ray vs James Storm ~ **1/4

3) TNA Knockouts Championship:
Brooke Tessmacher(c) vs Tara ~ DUD

4) TNA X-Division Championship:
Zema Ion(c) vs Sonjay Dutt ~ **1/4

5) Rob Van Dam vs Magnus ~ 1/2*

6) TNA Tag Team Championship:
Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian(c) vs Kurt Angle & AJ Styles ~ **1/2

7) Bound For Glory Series Finals:
Jeff Hardy vs Bully Ray ~ DUD

Oh my god what a terrible PPV. You know when you hear people say "that felt more like a 3 hour edition of Impact", well this is one of those shows. 7 matches, most were thrown together 3 days prior, time consuming segments such as that dumb Aries/Armbreaker brawl, and one of the worst Impact Zone crowds all year.

~ MOTN (according to "ratings") was the tag titles and that wasn't even a good match. A bit above average. It dragged. Didn't need to go nearly 20 minutes. It really reminded me of a tag team championship match from ROH back in 2006 (Kings of Wrestling vs Daniels/Sydal - Dethroned) Solid enough format with the basics, but fell victim to lacking phases and running too long. What those 4 accomplished with a good tag match at Slammiversary wasn't accomplished here.

~ Don't even get me started on that sham of a main event. The story was counter-productive first off. Who didn't want to see Bully take the win after his passionate speech? He's worked his ass off for it, then he goes and gets owned by Jeff in a totally garbage match? Terrible booking. The match was so bad that I literally can't believe it. How many finishes had to be ruined in that one...like 8? Jeff hits the twist of fate on Bully about 5 times. Bully hits his Bully Cutter & Bully Bomb only for an injured Jeff to kick out of. Key word being INJURED. Meaning a badass like Bully Ray can't stop an injured Jeff Hardy with his top moves. I remember working a match like this...with my action figures when I was 9 years old. A 10 minute+ match with nothing but finishers and kickouts. Even back then I thought that was a terrible way to play with toys. Let alone see in a real wrestling match. These guys are way better than this.

Nothing to say about the rest of the event. Have to say Bully/Storm was my favorite match on the show. Only it had to fall victim to the BS at the end. Roode's interference did have a logical standpoint, but damn. Can a match with importance towards the main event in TNA not have a ref bump or shenanigans. Please.

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