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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Starting with Punk is the obvious thing to do, what with the controversy surrounding him and Nash at NOC. The actual content was decent, although a few of the jokes weren't the best (checkers, gardening etc) But the majority of CM Punk's were in real life so I guess you're writing him well in that sense. HHH coming out was expected as soon as Punk brought him up and to be honest, I'm glad you're not going down the route of creating tension between him and Punk because I feel there are plenty more avenues you could explore. Someone else mentioned it, but Punk apologizing is very... Uncharacteristic, so to speak? Also, someone else said that Triple H not saying anything once Big Johnny came out was slightly odd, but whatever. kofi vs. Punk shall be fun. Decent, if fairly standard, start to the show.

Interesting to see Lawler ripping McGillitunga like that, kind of like that Stone Cold segment where he ripped in to Storm and Jindrak I think, in 2003? Anyway, on to the match. Nothing exactly amazing but I didn't expect it from these four guys. In all honesty, I'm more interested in Otunga and Mike than the actual champs

I must say, you write Cena very well. Everything from the cheap pop, the acknowledgement of the mixed reaction, even to the manerisms in his speech. If his announcement is THAT BIG, however, I don't see how he could forget, but that's just nitpicking.

Character development in the divas division? Unreal.

If you want to debut a dominant gargantuan of a man, there is no better person to debut him against than little Rey Rey. The match it's self was as expected - A very formulaic but effective match helped by very clever booking. Making Clay look like an animal, Laurinaitis even more of a bellend and Rey still looks heroic in defeat. I wouldn't be surprised to see Rey/Clay added to HIAC in the upcoming weeks, or maybe even the PPV afterwards (Survivor Series?)

Interesting exchange between Dolph and Drew. I'm not a fan of it bcause we're either going to have Dolph win because Drew lay down or a Drew face turn by not lying down? Either way, I'm not a fan but I won't write this off so soon. I'll see where you go with it

I love Berty on the mic, I generally feel that he should be given more mix time because he's golden on it.

A lot more of a competitive match than I thought it would be and it's definitely given Kofi a slight rub just hanging with someone like Punk for 16 minutes. Props for incorporating the Pepsi Twist, it's good to see you're using more of Punk's moveset than the WWE does. The after math was simple yet sets up a, what should be, very good match at Hell In A Cell and once again, another match in which Kofi can shine and get another rub, whether he wins OR loses.

Mister Laryngitis Well if you want to make a dominant gargantuan of a man look even more dominant and you don't have Rey Mysterio... Use Evan Bourne. Should be a decent match and I already love the way you're using THE FUNAKASAURUS~!

@ Primo saying nothing. Ryder was Ryder... Pretty standard, nothing to say, I'm just babbling. Why're you even reading this sentence?

I hope you're not having Hawkins as Swagger's lackey? He deserves so much more than that, tbh. DAT CANE. The little hints you gave during the entrance pretty much confirmed Primo was turning heel, but they're the type of things I like to be included when things are being described, so kudos. This is actually a very interesting storyline you have going on ehre with Swagger and Ryder, and in all honesty it's probably one of the most interesting on the show, whether you realise it or not. The fact that Z-Ry is getting all this popularity and internet fame, yet his two best friends and former partners have turned on him, is a very interesting dynamic. Will Ryder continue to please the crowd at the expense of his friendships, or will he fuck the crowd off? I don't know if you designed it to be like that, but it definitely is intriguing Good job

Hell In A Cell soon, plz :batista4

Match was decent and I'm surprised not to see Mizanin anywhere, but it was a standard Cena match - Once again, you write Cena so well and you've proven you can do so in matches as well. The announcement was a bit of a let down, but I'll make do with it, should be a decent match and that's two matches already on the Raw side of things that could main event any show bar Wrestlemania.

Overall, was a good show. Everything advanced and although you've only got three weeks to build up to the PPV, nothing seemed rushed because of it. The only thing that was off was the opening promo and bar Punk/Kofi, the matches weren't anything particularly groundbreaking but I can lvie with that. Definitely interested to see where Clay goes from here, the slow-burn push for Kingston and where the Ryder/Swagger thing is going because like I mentioned, that is the feud I'm most interested in at the moment. Keep it up, fella.

Edit: 7 reviews for one show?

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