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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

JAM's Review

First off, it was good that you had a recap of some sorts, gives us all a refresher of what happened at Night of Champions. Punk promo was spot on. I think this was the best promo of Punk that you've ever done. I like his serious nature but as time passed, he got all goofy and what not, typical Punk. Don't think the mention of checkers and gardening were a cliche but you could've used something else in place of these two. Don't think WWE would've allowed Punk to belittle Linda's senate run but it is Punk and he would go to extreme measures though. Triple H interrupting was perfect timing for him. What he had to say was spot on as well. Then things really picked up when Big Johnny came out. I'm sure Triple H would've at least scolded Johnny even just a little but it seems they didn't interact at all. Kofi/Punk will definitely be a good match. I don't know, the segment just kind of ended abruptly for me. Johnny announced a match and just left, more questions than answers if you ask me. But that's all good.

Well, Odd Couple is a good name for Koztino. I know your tag team division isn't really where you want it to be at the moment, so I'll be patient with it. I was kind of hoping that McGillicutty and Otunga would break up and go their seperate ways. They're unbearable as a tag team but individually, I think they're pretty alright. Standard Cena promo here, he gets the cheap pop by mentioning where RAW is at right now, always works. Announcement, wonder that'll be. And hmm, I think you had a coding error? What is this commercial - 30 minutes? Lol.

Any storyline that the divas are involved in is a step in the right direction for the division. I don't know, I can just see Kelly Kelly snapping and showing us an aggressive side. Would surely be interesting if that happened. And with Beth as your champion, you can do no wrong. Rey's promo was pretty standard again, there's just no changing it, it was fine. But fuck, Brodus Clay put a beating to Rey. Big Johnny such a prick, adding Clay to his administration. Definitely lovin' that you've debuted Clay as the monster that he should be but what a way to debut, at the expense of someone like Rey. Possibly hinting at a Johnny/Rey feud? Not sure if it'll happen, maybe it'll be Team Johnny vs. Team whomever that'll be coming. But all I can see if Big Johnny ruling RAW. Sick spot with the powerbomb to the chair wedged in the corner, was some brutal stuff.

No idea what this meant when Johnny retrieved Rey's mask, some intriguing stuff though. Dolph is getting some pretty good mic time here, was pretty impressed with what he had to say. But wow, what an ultimatum from Drew McIntyre, I could be sensing a face turn or he could really lie down for Dolph, you've got me guessing here. Finally we get some words from the WWE Champion. I don't know, I'm sort of buying Del Rio as champion in your thread for some reason, so goodjob with that. He had some good words to say but it leads me to believe that he'll feud with Cena, we've seen that already. But I'm sure you can put your own little twist on it. Good promos back-to-back man, and with guys that aren't exactly the best on the mic.

Well, I had a feeling this wouldn't have ended cleanly but wow. Punk/Kofi put on a really good match which isn't that much of a surprise but still, it'd be good to see these two face off in real life WWE. You incorporating Punk's indy moves was a good touch on the match, seemingly putting Kofi over a little with Punk resorting to moves he hasn't used in a while. Not complaining about the end though, Awesome Truth is well.....AWESOME! I think WWE really dropped the ball with these two so it's great to see someone booking them well. Was thinkin' commercial was next but you had another segment. Laryngitis that was brilliant! All squashes imo, Brodus is gonna destroy Evan and well, I don't think the tag team champions are losing their titles yet but Awesome Truth will somehow rough them up for sure. This is getting kind of creepy with Johnny and Rey's mask though.

Not really a fan of this Swagger/Ryder feud but hey, it's getting interesting now though. I like that you're giving these two some time on RAW, Swagger should really be used more and Ryder is just popular now so WWE has got to take advantage of that. Pretty interesting that you've now had two partners go behind Ryder's back. No idea what is coming up next but it should be good. You've definitely spaced out these segments differently for this episode, having Cena and Truth already have their entrances, nice one buddy.

Cena/Truth was pretty good for a main event. Was shocked to see that it had a clean ending but it is Cena after all so I guess it shouldn't really be a surprise. Hmm, announcement? I completely forgot about that to be honest. It was a good ending to the show showcasing champion and challenger for the WWE Title but meh, it felt a little flat. Next week should be more intruiging between the two if you wanna have people take interest in this one. But I have no doubt that their match in the steel structure will be a good one.

Overall, it was a decent show. Favorite part was the Kofi/Punk match for sure. Opening was pretty good too but I felt it was missing something. You spaced out your segments differently here and it shows, was refreshing to see to be honest. Not a lot of time to hype up matches for Hell In A Cell, I was surprised you kept it. But yeah, maybe you cut down on some PPVs cause WWE has a ridiculous amount of PPVs. But anyway, you're doing good as always man, onto the next!

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