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Re: TNA 2009: The Turning Point

Xplosion Feedback

Happy that we got a brief recap on what the X Division guys done on the main show, good reminder, in my opinion. Iím glad we started off with Homicide as he should have a lot to say. Nice start to the promo with ĎCide getting the cheap heat going early, at the shut the hell up fools line, found that funny. What he had to say was pretty good, putting himself over as the main man on the show and telling Red that he doesnít stand a chance against him. I expected a Foley interruption, I know ití in Foleyís character to talk to the fans before getting down to business but I wouldíve liked to have saw him simply get onto Homicide. Really surprised that youíve got the championship match for tonight, itís a great main event though, but I donít expect it to end cleanly. Having Red come out was a smart move so he doesnít get forgotten. Solid opening, if a little uneventful.

Nice start to this match with both men showing off their wrestling skills, and having the standoff after the first exchange. This match had some good action in with some good sequences, but didnít TJ debut last week? I think it would have better if you had him win this match, then have Senshi attack him out of frustration than him offering a handshake and then attacking him.

Taryn Terrell? I can live with that, as it seems sheís a popular choice for an interviewer . What lethal had to say was pretty good, saying itís going to be tough match and Iím pleased to had Creed chime in, as sometimes only one person speaks in the tag team. Anyway, good little interview and good hype for the match. Not feeling the Kendrick and London thing though, a water gun, really? I get that youíre going for the weirdo gimmick thing, but I prefer them to be a serious team as they are extremely talented in the ring.

Joeís short and sweet promo was alright, got his point across before his match. Yoshi Tatsu? Make him a jobber or get rid of him please. Iím not sure what his point will be in this thread, as you have a stacked roster already, and since he got some offense in then it looks like he wonít be a jobber. Hopefully Joe gets some good opponents in the future though.

Having an interview with Generation Me makes sense after Lethal and Creed got their chance to get their thoughts across. Good show of cockiness from the two of them, Max did sound a little bland though, picked up with Jeremy chimed in. Another nice little segment to hype up the tag match, although I do think you could have had some one from the X Division title in this spot, to give some hype to that.

at Creed and Lethal getting a jobber entrance. Anyway, another solid match, your match writing is pretty good imo. Hopefully with this win they can move up to better teams, a match with MCMG would be pretty great. As for the Foley/Kaz confrontation, I donít like how you said Foley shit himself, as I feel an authority figure shouldnít be intimidated by his wrestlers. Kaz complaining about not being on the card is a good way to get him some attention. I found Foley in this segment extremely odd, and not in a good way, just seemed weird.

Main event time. Pretty awesome match here, shame is ended like it did, although I suppose it keeps both men looking good. Do referees call for the bell if they get dragged out of the ring? Iíve seen that happen before but they didnít call for the bell. Some way to end the show, Strong running away from Red was lolworthy though, I could imagine it happening and would just laugh. But anyway, really interesting way to end the show which has me looking forward to the next episode.

All in all, a solid show, the matches were pretty good throughout and your promoís are improving. I had a few irks with a couple of things which Iíve discussed in the main part of this, so Iím not going to bother re-writing it. Onto the next episode my man.
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