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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Originally Posted by Sparta101 View Post
I stopped watching after Bound For Glory 2010. After that I stopped because of work. I finally decided to see how the ppv's have been this year and on paper it looks like there has been a lot of quality from this year.

How was Joe/Angle from Destination X? I remember loving all of their other matches. I actually have Angle/Joe from Lockdown as my favorite TNA match ever.

And holy fuck, I cant believe how well Roode has done as the TNA champion, just reading about everybody he has beaten is awesome.

I need to catch up on the Ace's and 8 thing, and why Hardy/Aries were even feuding heading into Bound For Glory lol.
Alright then I know where to base stuff off for you now. Yeah, Roode's been great since going mega heel and being World Champion. He didn't have any major MOTYC on PPV till I'd say about Lockdown when he duked it out with Storm in the cage. It wasn't the best of the year, but it was his best PPV title match for sure. That is until he met Austin Aries at Destination X. Now if you really want to see a match from that event, that's the one you have to check out, imo.

Speaking of great heels who's been on fire: Bully Ray. You got to check out his stuff. He's such a premiere heel and it's phenomenal. Matches vs AJ Styles (Last Man Standing @ Slammiversary 2011) & vs Austin Aries (@ Sacrifice 2012) are incredible. Especially vs Aries. That's my TNA MOTY. Almost certain it won't be topped in the last remaning months either.

Aces & 8's began the Impact following Slammiversary 2012. So if you want to play catch up, that's the starting point. To be honest, the angle hasn't really advanced very much since that time.

Hardy/Aries occured due to Hardy winning the Bound For Glory series at No Surrender this year. It's now mushroomed into Aries going back to being a heel following his jealous for Hardy's popularity. Rematch for Turning Point on 11/11 was signed tonight so it's still continuing if you were curious.

Review time!~

Hardcore Justice 2012

1) Chavo Guerrero Jr. & Shawn Hernandez vs Kid Kash & Gunner ~ **1/4

2) Bound For Glory Series for 20 Points - Falls Count Anywhere Match:
Rob Van Dam vs Ken Anderson vs Magnus ~ **

3) TNA Television Championship:
Devon Hughes(c) vs Frankie Kazarian ~ **

4) TNA Knockouts Championship:
Brooke Tessmacher(c) vs Madison Rayne ~ DUD

5) Bound For Glory Series for 20 Points - Tables Match:
Jeff Hardy vs Bully Ray vs James Storm vs Rob Eckos ~ *

6) TNA X-Divison Championship:
Zema Ion vs Kenny King ~ **

7) Bound For Glory Series for 20 Points - Ladder Match:
Kurt Angle vs AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels vs Samoa Joe ~ **3/4

8) TNA World Heavyweight Championship:
Austin Aries(c) vs Robert Roode ~ ***1/2

Best way to sum this show up is...AVERAGE! Yeah, I was pretty excited when I turned it on, but as it went on I saw the common theme. Which happened to be nothing was special until Aries/Roode.

~ Opener worked. To my surprise it honestly did. Chavo got beaten down the entire time before leading into the 'back to basics' hot tag, thus Hernandez shifting the momentum for the win. This match REALLY benefitted by going on first. Crowd was super duper hot for it. Don't know if Chavo has ever been that over in his career.

~ Falls Count Anywhere was better than I expected. Magnus is quality, but the hit & miss lazy RVD had me skeptical. Throw in Ken "my work seems to get worse by every match" Anderson and I thought this could have been really messy. Ended up being decent so yay. Ending seemed slightly dragged simply because Magnus couldn't find his "FUCKIN" chair.

~ Television Title...completely average. Yep, that's all I got.

~ Oh lord. The Knockouts title. The Rayne/Hebner crap. Ugh. Tessmacher isn't someone I buy into and it doesn't help with this crappy angle they played into the match either. Rayne wins via some cheap fluke and becomes champ. Whatever. It sucked like I knew it would.

~ I hated the Tables match. Boring. WAYYYY too much Rob Eckos involved. Felt like I saw him more than any of the other 3. Which is gastly. Lets showcase the jobber of the match who has the least amount of talent, charisma, and appeal. I was lukewarm going in to begin with considering the gimmick and being non-elmination and I still was surprised at how weak this match was. Few botches during didn't help things. Nor did those random Aces & 8's run-ins. Bully Ray won though. That was worth seeing despite 13 minutes of blah.

~ X-Division Championship came up short for me. Mostly because while I am fans of both guys, the fans don't care. Why should they? X-Division Championship is the mainstream nobody belt now. It never has any build. They use guys who get zero exposure. The matches have been reduced to random rubble consisting of a fancy move here and there. It's just there. I won't lie, they did TRY to get King over for the match with his tag win on Impact. They earn points there. However, at the end of the day did anyone buy him as a threat? Ion just won the gold and he's actually under a full time contract. It felt fleeting. And of course average. Match was seemingly getting towards a good place then it abruptly finishes when Ion nails the Gory Catapult on King. I hate those sudden finishes. Kills so much momentum from matches.

~ Yep. Even the ladder match was only solid at best. I went in expecting to agree with some people on here that it was really worth a watch, but you know....I didn't think so. I know the reason why. It's because I never buy into ladder matches in TNA. Only one is the exception to the rule: Christian vs Kazarian from Genesis 2007. The only good, substantial ladder match I can really recall them having in their 10 year history. Only parts of the match that were worth something were the moments involving Daniels being abused. Everything else was whatever. Things I remember most ,that didn't involve Daniels dying, were the Muscle Buster/german suplex combo botch(that's too bad) & the finish.

~ Main event was a good follow up to Destination X. Now I don't think it captured the same magic as DX did, although it was a good wrestling match. Only gripe I had was the ref bumps leading into the eventual double pin nonsense. It didn't need that. I was almost tempted to lower my rating a tad due to how much it displeased me. Thought better of it. Didn't seem fair to Roode and Aries for working hard to have another good match. Not to mention the clear MOTN. Both of them continue their trend of being prime over the last year.

So in turn to sum things up this show is skippable pardon the main event. It does come off better than last year's Hardcore Justice. That's where TNA gets the praise for this year. Matches are better, even if the majority is average. Average trumps bad everytime.

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