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Re: Rebook a WrestleMania

Originally Posted by AndreBaker View Post
WrestleMania XXVII

Let me just preface this by saying that I'm not a huge fan of rebooking Mania's, it's a nice concept but more often than not these shows have some classic stuff already involved and don't really need a great deal of tampering. However, Mania XXVII is raw sewage and basically the entire card was a mistake, in my opinion. I'm going to do this with the wonderful benefit of hindsight and altered fortunes. (c) = champion, (w) = winner.

(1) Daniel Bryan (c) vs CM Punk (w) - U.S Championship

This would be a fantastic opener on any pay per view. We know that both of these guys have tremendous chemistry so just give them fifteen minutes to go out there and do their thing. Punk could wrangle his way into the match by claiming that he was the better wrestler when he and Bryan were both working their way up the industry ladder through the independent scene and that he is the true representation of pure American wrestling. This victory would give Punk even more momentum running towards his big match with Cena later that year, becoming a double champion and walking out of the WWE with two titles. Obviously forget about all of the new nexus guff, that wouldn't have happened.

(2) Rey Mesterio and a suprise partner (Sin Cara) (w) vs Alberto Del Rio and Brodus Clay

Del Rio doesn't win the rumble and is instead embroiled in a long term feud with Rey. Alberto is trying to eradicate all traces of inferior mexican's from the WWE and has targeted Mesterio as his obvious main attacking point, hiring Brodus to help with his dirty work. Rey has had enough and challenges both men to a tag team match at Mania, suggesting that he has called in back up. This is where Sin Cara comes in as a suprise debutant although he would have had a few introductory promos a few weeks before the event. Sin Cara goes over Brodus. Del Rio is still undefeated (not pinned, submitted, etc) at this point, by the way.

(3) Jerry 'The King' Lawler vs (w) King Sheamus with Michael Cole

I'd keep this angle (just with a few changes) because it was the best build that WWE had for anything going into Mania XXVII regardless of misguided priorities. I'd keep Cole out of the match to save a disaster and instead have him goad Lawler into facing an opponent of his Cole's choice. MC would taunt Jerry about how he has never competed at a Mania and how he won't now because he's past it. This prompts King to accept the challenge. Cole wants to humiliate Lawler on the biggest stage of them all and brings in Sheamus to show Jerry what a real King is. Sheamus goes over following Cole's interference but Lawler gets his revenge in the post match by whacking Sheamus with his crown before going onto pummel MC infront of a joyous crowd. Simple stuff really. I wouldn't have Steve Austin as special guest referee because that would be overkill for reasons that I will explain later. Austin could still be at the event and have his backstage moment with the Rock.

(4) Edge (c) vs Christian (w) - World Heavyweight Championship ladder match

The WHC match isn't on first which is a huge improvement already. Christian wins the rumble as a face and is congradulated by his brother/friend Edge who encourages Christian to go after the WWE title. Christian says he's unsure of what to do, citing that the thought of Edge and himself both leaving Mania as champions excites him, yet at the same time he couldn't think of a more fitting opponent than his own brother. Edge is disturbed by this idea and gradually over time starts peppering Christian with negative thoughts, saying that he would feel bad leaving his little brother in his shadow once again. Edge comes out with more heelish comments which prompts Christian into going after the WHC via unintentional reverse psychology. Edge is furious about this and starts to attack Christian on a weekly basis, saying that he will not allow his brother to steal his spot light and to leach off his success and stardom. Christian has had enough of the bullshit by this point and says that if Edge is so keen to fight, then he'll challenge him to a match in an environment where it will be more about fighting than wrestling, a situation which they are both fully accustomed to, the ladder match. Christian goes over and gets his big moment on the grandest stage. I know that many Edge fans will hate this idea because he would have ended up losing his last match. Meanwhile, I also realise that this would have never happened under Vince's watch, but fuck it!

(5) Kharma (w) vs Laycool (Michelle McCool and Layla) - Handicap match

I would have had the Kharma debut angle happen a few weeks before Mania instead of at Extreme Rules, leading to this match at Mania. This would at least get something out of Kharma unlike the situation in which she had to leave prematurely due to pregnancy. Dat hindsight.

(6) Undertaker (w) vs HHH - The streak

The one match/angle on the card that I wouldn't change at all, just leave it the way it is.

(7) Kane and Big Show (w) vs The Nexus (Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater) (c) - WWE tag team titles

The original Nexus would still be intact in this version, having overrun the company since the summer of 2010. The group would be running wild at this point, interfering in matches left right and centre, attacking anybody that they would see as threats. Due this reasoning Kane and Show would both be attacked individually on a number of occassions and even beaten by Nexus members in singles matches, often due to interference. This would force the pair of giants to come together in an attempt to overcome the Nexus, winning the titles at Mania and seeing off any interference as a team. I think that this pair are credible and believable enough to pull the story off.

(8) Wade Barret vs Randy Orton vs John Cena - WWE title, triple threat elimination no dq match with special guest referee The Rock

Yeah, fuck The Rock being the 'special guest host' and dominating the show. This would give him a much more important and solidified role, one that wouldn't overshadow the entirety of the show.

As previously mentioned the Nexus are basically controlling the company. Barrett beats Orton at Survivor Series 2010 for the title with Cena failing to spot Orton's leg on the bottom rope as the three count is made, this causes friction between the pair.

Meanwhile, Barrett takes out Miz with Nexus' help as Mizanin attempts to cash in on his mitb brief case. The bell is sounded and the contract is voided with Miz gaining an injury that puts him on the shelf. This adds credibility to Barrett and the Nexus.

At the Royal Rumble Orton gets his rematch with Barrett in a no dq match as per Wade's request, what with him having the clout behind him through the title and Nexus. Orton accepts the conditions claiming that if he's going to take out Barrett then he's going to have to take out the entire Nexus. We get to the match and predictably Orton is getting destroyed by the NXT stable yet captain do gooder Cena (who was released by Barrett from Nexus after Survivor Series) predictably comes out for the save, bringing a steel chair with him. John boy wipes out the entire Nexus accept for Barrett. Cena goes to leave the ring but is attacked by Wade before doing his usual comeback shtick. Cena goes to hit Barrett with the chair but Wade ducks, forcing the now conscious Orton to take the brunt of the shot. Cena is in shock at his mistake as Barrett throws him out of the ring before pinning Randy.

Later in the night Cena is well on his way to winning the rumble but is thrown out by the interfering and non competing Orton who is pissed off with John's succession of costly errors. Both men now have strong reasons to feud with each other which leads to the non WHC match at the Elimination Chamber for the WWE title number one contender's spot at Mania. Same competitors as before but this time the match ends with Cena and Orton finishing the contest in a double pin (like at NOC) which leads to a triple threat elimination match at Mania for the WWE title.

Vince McMahon doesn't want to allow Barrett the advantage of a no dq match once again and has had enough of being manipulated by the Nexus, yet at the same time he knows that fans want to see Barrett beaten via pin or submission. A dq could allow Barrett to walk away from the match without even trying while a title change via dq would be a disgrace to the reputation of WrestleMania. Vince makes the match a no dq that can only end via pinfall or submission.

Unfortunately the Nexus are continuing to be meddlesome bastards and start targeting Cena and Orton after EC 2011, but unlike Show and Kane these two just can't get along and co-operate. Vince decides that enough is enough and brings in the Rock to safe guard his Mania main event in the run up to the show. He also makes Rock the special guest referee, needing a strong enforcer to keep on top of outside interference.

The Mania match would be set up as a triple threat elimination match. The story would be that Orton and Cena can't overcome their differences in an attempt to eliminate Barrett who takes advantage by pinning Orton first after a Cena AA, Barret obviously clears John from the ring in order to do this. As the match progresses Cena gets the upper hand but the Nexus begins to invade. Rock and Cena take out a few members but seem to be overwhelmed. Orton returns to ring side and is attacked by the remaining Nexus goons. He clears house and decides to hang around for the conclusion of the match. While Cena and Rock are distracted by Orton's exploits Barrett has recovered, he sneaks Cena into waste land and covers him. Rock goes down to make the count and reaches two as Cena's leg moves towards the ropes. It looks like John is going to break the count but out of nowhere Orton swats his leg away in revenge for the Rumble and more poignantly the fuck up that Cena made at Survivor Series by missing Orton's foot on the rope. Rock is oblivious to Orton's interference and counts to three. You winner and still WWE champion, Wade Barrett.

A credible new star (not Miz) is confirmed on the big stage in dramatic fashion with the backing of an awesome stable and angle. The finish sets up Rock vs Cena (Mania XXVIII) in a sensible manner and a heel Orton vs Cena campaign from Over The Limit to Capitol Punishment. Cena beats Barrett at Extreme Rules and keeps the belt (despite facing Orton twice) until MITB where as they say the rest is history. Christian and Orton swap roles in their feud for the WHC which goes from post Capitol Punishment through MITB to Summerslam.

Yeah I know, huge wall of text.
Gotta hand it to you man, this card is better than mine and is almost perfect!

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