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Classic Jobbers: Jim Powers

This guy turned up in 1985 or so, and despite having the prototypical physique McMahon wanted, he just lacked charisma and the "it factor" in the ring. He didn't suck, but he didn't dazzle either. According to wikipedia he was trained by Big John Studd.

I used to catch every WWF program in those days as I had a VCR (big time awesome in those days), and set it to timer record all WWF weekly shows in case I forgot or couldn't watch. I stupidly used the same tape over and over again rather than save all the shows. I still regret it. Anyways, Jim Powers was a frequently used jobber in those days. It seems like every week he was getting pinned, put to sleep, or submitting to anyone mid card and above. History of WWE has many listings for Jim Powers jobbing to everyone. Once in a great while they would let him beat another jobber like Jose Louis Rivera, but the vast majority of his time in WWF was spent taking 3 counts. He did get to mount offense unlike the total squash jobbers such as Frankie Williams.

Click here for a bunch of Jim Powers jobber youtube vids

Eventually, he was partnered with another jobber in Paul Roma to form the jobber tag team of The Young Stallions. I remember it seemed like the WWF was going to give these guys a push and make them into midcard talent at least, and they did defeat the jobber team of Barry Horowitz & Brooklyn Brawler as well as get a DQ type win over The Hart Foundation. The WWF even gave them some theme music.

So after these two matches the WWF had sold me on the Young Stallions as a valid tag team, but alas, it was not to be. The Hart Foundation got their revenge on Saturday Night's Main Event.

After this the team of The Young Stallions went back to being mere jobbers and were fed to Demolition many times as well as pretty much all the other top heel tag teams of the day. I can't link a Demolition vs Young Stallions match as youtube has taken them down. Eventually they began to argue and the team disbanded. Powers went back to singles jobbing on a regular basis though Gorilla and Vince would always refer to him as an "up and comer", and that he would be a great wrestler once he matured.

Flash forward to the mid 1990s and Jim Powers turns up in WCW. He continues to job. Even though he is now in his late 30s he is still referred to as a young "up and comer". I guess he really never did hit his peak.

Oh yeah, Jim Powers was one of the few jobbers to get an action figure:

"If anyone asks you if you've paid your dues, you tell 'em the check is in the mail."

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