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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

Originally Posted by Choke2Death View Post
Unfortunately, I don't think wrestling can become huge again. The Attitude Era is the greatest era ever and it can't be replaced but can't be duplicated either. With stricter rules and more awareness regarding the consequences of blading left & right and taking huge bumps, it was shown that such a thing cannot last very long. Now unless wrestling becomes like the AE again, it will not reach another popular era and is likely going to fade out with its dying popularity while MMA/UFC is on the way in. And we all know another AE wont happen because the wrestlers can't just jump from cells, land on thumbtacks, take chair shots to the head or blade every other week since the effort is more put into stopping deaths at a young age rather than pushing the wrestlers towards the edge.
That's not ALL Attitude was and you know it

I'd honestly be really happy if WWE just gave me a product that didn't feel like a 3 hour long commercial that featured wrestling breaks.

The things TNA is doing appeal to me, for example. That's why I watch it. I think the push of Bobby Roode as the #1 guy was great. It started off a bit rocky at first with how he first won the title, and I thought they kinda fucked up on that, but the rest of his reign was awesome. It makes Punk's reign look like crap in comparison. He had great matches, he could talk well, he did a terrific job as the mega heel champion, his rivalry with James Storm was awesome, but most importantly, TNA presented him AS a champion. They did basically everything in their power to take a guy who had been in a tag team the preceding 4 years and make the man seem like a legit champion. Guess what? People were into him. Punk, on the other hand, they've so badly fucked up with him that I'd rather not watch anymore.

I don't even really care about the giant brawls, occasional swearing, sexual themes or violence in TNA. Sure its there, but there's more. The biggest difference I see is that they're more willing to let guys have creative input into their characters, and help them accentuate their strengths. Look at Bully Ray. 3 years ago, did anyone think that he'd eventually turn into the best heel in the industry? Not a chance. TNA took the risk with him and there was great reward. Ditto with Austin Aries, Christopher Daniels, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Christian, and all sorts of other guys at some point in the past.

WWE, in stark contrast, will take a guy like Christian, who flourished in TNA, and have him dance with Brodus and lose the WHC to Randy Orton 2 days after winning the damn thing because Vince has this stupid idea in his head. Dolph Ziggler is very competent on the mic, yet he hardly ever gets the chance to talk. Daniel Bryan is terrific in ring, so the Fed decides to stick him with a limited move set where he repeats the same 5-7 moves over and over again. Zack Ryder was really over with the fans, so the WWE decides to stick him with John Cena to quell the boos and eventually Ryder is kicked to the curb. Why is it that they don't just let these guys work? They're always saddled with bullshit. That's not to say that the WWE has always been this way, lots of guys have had input and been allowed to showcase their strengths. This era...not so much it seems.

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