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Re: The Territory Era

Not sure if this is the right thread for it but speaking of territories and Memphis...

Recently Ive been enjoying the fuck out of going through the Lawler/Savage feud of 84/85 (I think its those years?), watched a title match, cage match and loser leaves town, fucking awesome how they keep building in intensity.
What really hooked me in was this promo, exactly the type of old-school promo I just cant get enough of, amazing how magnetic everyone is in this vid, exactly the type of believable money promos that guys could only do in the territory days when guys had to learn to draw money with their mouths wherever they went, here you get
Savage at his psychotic best, deranged yet not nonsensical like he'd often become in the WWF, those fuckin eyes!
Lawler at his babyface best, ths is the type of thing Cena needs to learn to do, a good guy babyface who's pissed and needs to kick this guys ass.
Austin Idol swinging his axe -need i say more.
and Joe leduc who manages to somehow be twice as unnerving as all of the above.

If I lived in Memphis when this happened id like fuck! take my money,I need to see these guys fight, you just don't see promos like this anymore.
The matches if anyone wants to see them
Southern HW title
Cage match
Loser leaves town

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