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Re: TNA 2009: The Turning Point

Hope this episode delivers. I'm sure you all know that the talent on the roster don't usually talk much bar a few so that may explain why some of the promos are generic, but I'm working on it. Anyways, enjoy the show dudes!

Saturday Night Xplosion

Pyro goes off as the commentary team of Jeremy Borash and The Snowman, Al Snow welcome everyone to the next exciting episode of TNA's treat to us on Saturday Nights, Xplosion! The team talk through video replays of last week’s episode, the big time wins and debuts that have happened. They also show footage of the X-Division helping out on iMPACT with the #1 Contender, The Amazing Red defeating Petey Williams only to be attacked after the match by Homicide. But their recap is cut short when the “top dog” on Xplosion, the X-Division Champion’s music hits and out marches the Notorious 187, Homicide!


With the title over his shoulder, he yells back at the booing crowd. His short fuse is in full flight as he trash talks anyone close to him, even the cameramen aren’t safe. Finally stepping in the ring, he snarls at the fans before demanding a microphone from SoCal Val at ringside.

Homicide: Ya know somethin', you people should shut the hell up cause I got sumthin’ to say.

The crowd keep booing the champ after this statement from him.

Homicide: Ya see this show right here, Xplosion, yeah, it’s my show. This is my turf, and NO ONE comes into my turf thinkin' they ain't gonna pay up.

The fans boos get louder and louder, making Cide raise his voice with each word.

Homicide: Last week –

The fans still don't let up with their boos.

Homicide: I said shut the hell up fools! Last week, that gringo, AJ Styles tried to walk in here and think he’s man, just cause he was the X-Division Champion years ago. Listen up Styles, ya punk ass bitch, ya don’t come down ‘ere to my turf and think ya can do anythin' around ‘ere. I'm da champ now, I’m da man. And just like last week when I took a steel chair to you pretty boi, I put down that little dawg, Amazin’ Red on iMPACT.

The fans get on ‘Cide for talking down of Styles and Red.

Homicide: Whateva. Whateva fools. Red, you ain’t nothin’ in this ring. Ya sure ya wanna get in this ring with me, I’ll hurt you. I’ll break that scrawny little neck of yours if ya come after this title and stick ya nose in my business. Xplosion is my turf and I’m the champ!


The crowd go up in unison for the arrival of the GM of Xplosion, the Hardcore Legend, Mick Foley. ‘Cide is livid that Foley has interrupted him, kicking the ropes and mouthing off . Foley though stays up on the ramp flashing his toothless smile, and giving the fans the big thumbs up. A Foley chant starts up and there is even Foley is God signs throughout the sold out Impact Zone.

Foley: Thanks guys. It’s great to be right here, in Orlando, Florida!

He gets his cheap pop in only aggravating the X-Division Champion even more.

Foley: Homicide, Champ, I think I’ve given you long enough to get whatever it is off your chest. Now, it’s my turn to talk. Ya see on Thursday night, we saw The Amazing Red, your next challenger victorious after a grueling, action packed match against “The Canadian Destroyer” Petey Williams. Red proved he is worthy of facing you at Final Resolution for the X Division Championship!

The fans go up for that and “He’s Ah-Mazing!” chants start popping out all over the arena. They are then drowned out by “Red! Red! Red!”chants making Foley’s smile grow slightly, only for his face to go quite serious.

Foley: But then from out of the crowd, you, the X-Division Champion, you attacked him and laid him out in front of me, with the Gringo Killer. What Champ, you wanted to send me a message by trying to break Red in half? Huh!? Well that's not going to fly around here. So because of that attack, you will no longer be taking him on at Final Resolution.

It sounds as if Red is injured, the fans are not happy about this and they go from quiet to jeers once what Foley has said sinks in.

Foley: Instead, you'll face him right here TONIGHT!

The fans pop big time! ‘Cide shakes his head in defiance but Mick hasn’t finished yet.

Foley: And it will be for the X-Division Championship!


As if on cue, Red’s music hits and out walks the very serious looking Amazing Red. When the crowd see him, the ovation gets even louder making Homicide’s Latino blood boil to volcanic proportions. Off mic, he screams at Foley saying he’ll kill Red for this and then he’ll get Foley, no one messes with him, nobody!!!

Red gives the sign of the belt while Foley grins ear to ear behind the Amazing one.



Back from the break, we have no time to waste here. The music of TJ Wilson blares through the PA system. Wilson gets a pretty good pop after his performance from last week. He slaps hands with fans that are at ringside before entering the ring. He slingshots in and climbs a turnbuckle, posing for the fans.


Senshi's turn to make his entrance. He gingerly walks out, seemingly stalking the crowd it seems, slowly making his way down the ramp. Senshi though doesn't pan to the crowd, instead he has a no-nonsense look on his face. He stares straight at Wilson, not looking impressed. The cameras then show Wilson nodding his head in approval as to who his opponent is for the evening.

Match One - Singles Contest
TJ Wilson vs. Senshi

After a series of chain-wrestling combos, the two are at a stalemate, nodding at each other's wrestling ability which leads to more cheers from the fans. Joining in on the match about two minutes in, we see Wilson and Senshi battling it out in a test of strength. It seems pretty evenly matched before Senshi releases his grip, this prompts Wilson to release it as well. The two competitors look out to the crowd who are giving them cheers after their impressive sequences. Senshi sticks his arm out looking for another test of strength. Wilson obliges but instead, Senshi scores a kick to the gut then a blow to the back! Senshi whips Wilson off the ropes before connecting with a two-handed chop that sends Wilson down. Senshi whips himself off the ropes connecting with an elbow drop! Again he whips off the ropes and again he scores with another elbow drop before going for the cover, 1, KICKOUT!

Senshi then floats over to Wilson's head and locks in a headlock. It takes a toll on Wilson for sure but he somehow finds a way to turn that into a side-pin, 1, 2, KICKOUT! The pair are now both on their feet, Senshi going for a clotheslines, which Wilson ducks under. On the rebound, Senshi tries another clothesline, but Wilson again ducks underneath it before connecting with a jumping clothesline! Wilson now wait for Senshi to find his feet. When he does, Wilson connects with a kick to the gut, then runs off the ropes and floats over Senshi, landing on his feet with a neckbreaker position. The crowd ooh at the athleticism shown by Wilson before dropping Senshi down with a high impact neckbreaker, pin attempt, 1, 2, KICKOUT!

Wilson doesn't waste any time though, getting Senshi to his feet but snapmaring him over. He whips himself from the ropes, BOOM! LOW DROPKICK RIGHT ON THE KISSER! Another pin attempt, 1, 2, ANOTHER NEAR FALL! Wilson sits after Senshi kicks out of that, taking a short breather. However, this allows Senshi to roll out of the ring seemingly wanting a timeout as well. Senshi holds his mouth, checking for blood after that low dropkick from Wilson. He sees Senshi using the apron to get to his feet. Suddenly, the crowd buzz as Wilson runs full force to the direction Senshi is in, BASEBALL SLIDE through the bottom rope, NO IT DOESN'T CONNECT, SENSHI SIDE-STEPS THIS! Wilson tries to go back on the attack but eats a mouthful of SUPERKICK FROM SENSHI! The crowd could be heard groaning after that sickening sound from that superkick. Both men are now outside, Senshi onto one knee and Wilson out cold after that superkick. This prompts Earl Hebner to start the count. Senshi takes advatange by taking a breather but by the time Hebner reaches the count of five, Senshi starts moving, getting to Wilson and throws into the ring after the count of eight.

Senshi looks intent on ending this as he stares at Wilson waiting for him to get up. As soon as Wilson gets to a vertical base, Senshi hooks his arms under Wilson's head, gets him into the air, looking for the Senshi Krusher, but no! Wilson uses his free knee to connect on Senshi's cranium before dropping down from the manuever. But when Wilson tries for a clothesline, Senshi has the awareness to hit him with a high elbow which staggers Wilson back. Senshi quickly goes over to Wilson, again locking him into the Senshi Krusher position, HE HITS IT! He isn't done yet though, Wilson is in perfect position now. Senshi climbs the ropes, the crowd buzzing, knowing what comes next. He leaps off the top turnbuckle, knees touching his chest, THE WARRIOR'S WAY! DOUBLE FOOT STOMP RIGHT ON THE STERNUM OF WILSON! He goes for the pin, 1, 2, 3, it's over.

Winner: Senshi (10:21)

The crowd pop big time for the conclusion of the match, applauding both men for giving it their all. Borash and Snow take us through some replays of the match highliting some nice spots. After that, Wilson is now up and what's this? He offers a handshake to Senshi. The Warrior looks at Wilson, not sure whether to accept the handshake or not. The crowd again appreciating the respect Wilson is showing. However, Senshi has other plans, BOOM! KICK TO THE SIDE OF THE HEAD! The crowd go insane booing Senshi who looks impressed with what he did. He exits the ring with a stern look on his face before.....

The cameras go backstage with our backstage interviewer, the lovely, Taryn Terrell.

Terrell: Thanks JB and Al. Please welcome my guest at this time, the tag team of Consequences Creed and Jay Lethal, Consequences Creed.

The high spirited tag team come into the shot. Each man is dressed with their brightly colored ring gear. They hug Taryn who is seemingly shocked by this but accepts their hugs anyway. She gets serious and conducts the interview.

Terrell: Guys, you have a match later on tonight against Jeremy Buck and Max Buck, Generation Me. Whoever wins this, could possibly be billed the best tag team on Xplosion. Any thoughts on your match with them?

Lethal: Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Taryn. It's clear to us that Generation Me will be a tough opponent, no doubt. With them being brothers and all, and tagging for a longer period of time than I have with Creed, they're at a slight advantage. Yeah, you heard me correctly, SLIGHT. What me and Creed over here lack in experience we more than make up for it with the heart and determination to get the job done. I'm not quite sure that Generation Me has this, but we clearly do.

Creed gets infront of Lethal to add his two cents into this interview.

Creed: You're right, Jay. We may not have teamed for as long as Generation Me has, but we're no pushovers. And if Generation Me takes us lightly in that ring later on, then well, prepare to meet your consequences.

Creed and Lethal grin at each other as both men nod at each other's direction. They look at Taryn up and down admiring her figure before leaving the shot. However, as they turn, they stop in their tracks with the duo of Paul London and Brian Kendrick standing in their way! We remember last week when London interrupted Aries's interview, now it seems London has brought in his close friend as well. The duo of London and Kendrick stare with big smiles on their faces to the team of Lethal Consequences who look rather confused. Just before they were gonna side-step the wacky duo, they are squirted with water guns! London and Kendrick then make their hasty retreat leaving Lethal Consequences all wet, so to speak.


Back from the break, the announce team hype up the tag team contest of the evening, each giving their picks. However, they are interrupted by someone near and dear to the X-Division...


The crowd erupt with the theme music of none other than the Samoan Submission Machine, Samoa Joe! A "Joe" chant quickly starts after the big man makes his entrance. As always, the submission machine looks in no mood to pan to the crowd as he just walks straight into the ring with a stern look on his face. He enters the ring and is instantly handed a microphone from ringside. Joe takes a look around the crowd before more "Joe" chants ensue. Before long, he begins to speak.

Joe: I'm not gonna take too long here, just gonna cut right to the chase. You see, I've sort of been re-inventing myself, training harder than ever, getting into the best shape of my career. So since I've already wrestled on iMPACT, why not put on a show on Xplosion right?

The fans give a good pop for this.

Joe: So what I'm saying is this. To anyone in the back, I lay out an open challenge. Get in this ring and let's fight!

The fans are all for this open challenge from Joe. They anxiously await who would possibly want to take on the dangerous Samoan Submission Machine. The fans seem restless as after thirty seconds, still no one answers the call. Joe was about to pick up the mic and talk again before...


The unfamiliar theme gets the crowd confused but later on, appearing from behind the curtain is Jimmy Yang. However, he isn't alone, he's with someone that looks like is related to him. With mic on hand, Yang addresses Joe.

Yang: You're looking for a challenge Joe? Look no further than this man. This man is a legend in the Land of the Rising Sun. He's beaten guys much tougher than you, so don't be surprised WHEN he comes out with a win against you. He's got a background in just about every fighting style you can imagine, this man is Yoshi Tatsu.

The pair then begin making their way down the ring. The pair of Jimmy Yang and Yoshi Tatsu look confident making their way to the ring. Joe doesn't share their confidence, not looking impressed by the duo. He flings his signature towel over to the outside before nodding his head saying, "I'll work with what I get." Before long, the match begins after the sound of the bell.

Match Two - Singles Contest
Samoa Joe vs. Yoshi Tatsu w/Jimmy Yang

Seems as though Joe has underestimated Yoshi a little bit here as we join the action about two minutes in with Yoshi with the advantage in the corner. Joe is back-first in a corner where Yoshi delivers some loud open palm shots to Joe's chest. He repeats this a couple of times, then we can now see the red spots on Joe's chest. However, Yoshi commits a mistake by trying to whip the big man into the opposite turnbuckle. Joe reverses the whip and throws Yoshi hard to the turnbuckle, so hard that Yoshi falls down after impact from the turnbuckle. Joe recovers for a little bit before getting Yoshi to his feet. He connects with body shots on Yoshi before whipping him off the ropes. With Yoshi rebounding, he ducks a clothesline from Joe, but Joe turns around quick enough to catch a flying Yoshi by the neck and slamming him down hard to the mat. Joe goes for the pin, 1, 2, KICKOUT!

Yang gets on the apron to get on the referee's case here. But Joe sees this and goes over to Yang who quickly drops down from the apron only to get chop-blocked by a recovering Yoshi. With Joe down to one knee, Yoshi whips off the ropes - SHINING WIZARD CONNECTING! What a knee from Yoshi there, he goes for the pin, 1, 2, 3! - NO, A KICKOUT! Yoshi thought he had him there, so did Yang. Yoshi thinks of what to do next and decides to go up top. He patiently waits for Joe to get to his feet. When Joe finally gets to a vertical base, Yoshi leaps off into a beautiful crossbody onto Joe, another pin, 1, 2, KICKOUT! Yoshi looks at the referee who confirms that it was just a two count. Yoshi goes over to Yang for advice, the conversation can't be heard but it seems Yoshi has found a move to put away Joe here.

After that quick pep talk, Yoshi again patiently waits for Joe to get to his feet. When Joe is up, Yoshi rears back, tries for a ROUNDHOUSE KICK! But it's dodged by Joe who side-steps it. When Yoshi finds his footing after the failed roundhouse kick, Joe hits a clothesline, and another! Joe is feeling it now it seems. He whips Yoshi to the turnbuckle and runs full force to hit a high elbow right on the kisser of Yoshi. Joe now faces away from Yoshi, BOOM! A JUMPING KICK RIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES CONNECTS! Yoshi looks like he doesn't know where he is now and with that, Joe takes advantage, dropping Yoshi with the COQUINA CLUTCH, IT'S SYNCHED IN! Yoshi tries to fight it but after a short while, Yoshi looks motionless which prompts referee, Brian Hebner to call for the bell.

Winner: Samoa Joe via submission (5:34)

The crowd actually pop big for both men after that hard-hitting matchup. Yang goes on to check after Yoshi after seemingly passing out to the Coquina Clutch. Joe is seen staring at the pair, not looking impressed at all. He exits the ring before again posing for the fans on the stage, finally disappearing behind the curtain.

The announce team again sends it to the back with Taryn Terrell to conduct an interview with her guests.

Terrell: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guests at this time, Jeremy and Max Buck, Generation Me.

The brothers come into the shot looking all smug, awaiting the questions that Taryn has in store for them.

Terrell: Now you guys have heard what Lethal Consequences had to say about their match with you guys later on, I'll ask the same question. Any thoughts on your upcoming match with Lethal Consequences?

Max Buck: Taryn, we're not sure why we're even in this match. I mean, clearly we are the better tag team. We are a tag team that has accomplished all the accolades that this business has to offer. And quite frankly, I don't think we need to prove anything else.

Jeremy Buck: Even though we're the greatest tag team in all of TNA, better than The Motor City Machine Guns, better than Beer Money, we'd still love to shut up a loudmouth team like Lethal Consequences who talk about this nonsense of heart and determination that they have. If they had that, they would be a recognizable name. But let me tell you this, they're not. So later on tonight, we'll show them just what a successful tag team is.

Taryn's face then becomes quite shocked because the duo of London and Kendrick once again make their presence known, popping out from behind Max and Jeremy Buck. They have their little water guns yet again and go on the attack. As soon as they pop out from behind the brothers, they squirt water into their eyes! London and Kendrick laugh hysterically while the audience is heard laughing as well. They again make their exit before Generation Me could get to them but their laughs are heard echoing backstage.

After the interview with Generation Me, the cameras go elsewhere to see Austin Aries having a conversation with Matt Sydal. However, nothing is audible, we just get the picture of the two men conversing with one another.


Back from the break, the theme music of Lethal Consequences is playing with the tag team already in the ring, posing for the fans in the iMPACT Zone. They are met with a good pop from the crowd only for the crowd to turn sour when Generation Me's music hits.


Like mentioned above, the crowd turns sour, booing Generation Me as they make their way down the ring. It sounds as though they're getting boo'd more than they usually are. The brothers slingshot into the ring staring at their opposition for tonight, Lethal Consequences. Generation Me doesn't look impressed with their opponents. They huddle up, talking last minute strategy.

Match Three - Tag Team Contest
Lethal Consequences vs. Generation Me

We've seen some great matches on Xplosion so far so this one's hoping not to disappoint. Consequences Creed and the older Buck, Max Buck, start the match for their respective teams. Creed is all smiles tonight as he catches Max off-guard with his consecutive arm-drags. The pair chain wrestle for a while before Max gets the advantage after hitting with a knee to the gut of Creed. In doing so, Max shows his veteran-know-how by bringing Creed to his side of the ring, tagging in his brother, Jeremy. Creed is slammed hard on the canvas while Jeremy slingshots over Creed and goes for the pin - 1, 2, KICKOUT! Jeremy gets Creed in a side headlock very near to the ropes. Creed reaches out but Jeremy uses his legs to further the ropes from Creed's grasps. The referee gets to a count of three before Jeremy lets go of the hold. He tags his brother back in but doesn't go out just yet. The duo whip Creed of the ropes and and fling Creed over with a DOUBLE HIP TOSS! They then back handspring and connect with STEREO DROPKICKS RIGHT TO THE MOUTH OF CREED! Max goes for the cover - 1, 2, LETHAL COMES IN AND BREAKS THE COUNT. The referee has to hold back Lethal and tell him to go back to his corner, all the time the team of Generation Me are laying the boots on Creed.

With Generation Me cutting the ring in half, Creed is at the mercy of the brothers in their corner. However, Max doesn't capitalize on this and instead panders to the crowd, with his arms spread open as if saying, "Is that all you got?" Little does he know, after all that pandering, Creed is now up. He floors Jeremy with an elbow! As soon as Max gets notice of this, he runs towards Creed but Creed scores with a go-behind and connects with a back suplex! The crowd pop big time for this, both men on their backs, looking to make a tag. The crowd start clapping and there it is, Lethal is tagged in! Max has no one to tag after Creed floored Jeremy with an elbow earlier. Lethal comes in like a house on fire, connecting with consecutive clotheslines. Lethal gets fired up now looking out to the audience who cheer him on. He goes out to the apron, waiting for Max to get to a vertical base. When he does, Lethal springboards and hits with a dropkick! He goes for the pin - 1, 2, 3! - NO! A KICKOUT FROM MAX BUCK! Lethal can't believe but goes back on the attack. However, Max gets a thumb in the eye of Lethal and tags his brother in.

Jeremy comes in with the momentum now connecting with a spinning heel kick on Lethal. He goes over to Creed and pays him back with an elbow of his own. He tags Max back in but doesn't go out. Max gets Lethal on his shoulders, ROLLING FIREMAN'S CARRY SLAM! The crowd already knowing what's happening here. After that move from Max, Jeremy leaps off the top turnbuckle, 450 SPLASH! Not to be outdone by his brother, Max gets on the top turnbuckle, leaps backwards, HITS WITH A MOONSAULT! MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK SEQUENCE CONNECTED! Max then goes for the cover, Creed looking to get back into the ring but Jeremy stops him - 1, 2, 3!

Winners: Generation Me (7:47)

After the match, Generation Me roll out of the ring almost instantly. Jeremy holds Max up after that moonsault, selling the effects of that move. They have smirks on their faces and Jeremy even says, "I told you so. We're the best." Creed checks on Lethal who is holding on his abdomen after absorbing Generation Me's signature manuever. Elsewhere....

The cameras are backstage in Mick Foley's office. Here we see the sign that's managed to stay taped up on his office. Foley again is seen admiring the work of art pasted on his wall. However, a loud bang is heard as if someone kicked the door in. Surely enough, we see an appearance from Kazarian, he quickly makes his way in which scares the shit outta Foley for some reason!

Foley: Antonio Banderas!?

Kazarian: What, no! Get a grip Foley! It's me, Kazarian!

Foley: I love Zorro.

Kazarian: Foley, get serious here!

Foley: Oh, it's just you Kaz. What can I do for ya?

Kazarian: Well, I've noticed that I'm not on the card AGAIN tonight. And that's fine, it really is fine. However, I noticed that you get to have atleast one match on the main show, iMPACT.

Foley: So?

Kazarian: So what I'm asking for is very simple. Get me a match with Daniels on iMPACT!

The crowd pop for Kazarian.

Kazarian: AJ and Daniels have been my bestfriends in this company and it just tears me apart to see them like this. Put me in a match with Daniels so that I can knock some sense into him! As for AJ, I'll leave him for another time. Just think about it. If I beat the #1 Contender to the World Title, that automatically puts me in line for a shot at AJ's title, right?

Foley nods approvingly at what Kaz is saying. However, it takes him a good while before he replies, which infuriates Kazarian a whole lot. Seeing as though that this confrontation with Foley seems void, Kaz scrams from Foley's office before finishing up what he says.

Kazarian: Foley! You hear me? Book the match.

Foley still looks out of it for some reason but offers us a few words.

Foley: Man, I just met Zorro, this show has everything! Now what did he say again?

Foley looks seriously confused right now despite responding to Kazarian in a logical manner which gets a good laugh from the crowd. But his attention seemed to be elsewhere. Foley then goes back to admiring the sign that he taped to his wall.

Elsewhere, the cameras are back to Austin Aries who is now on his phone. This time, the conversation is heard here. Aries is heard asking if the other person on the line will be in the arena tonight. He smiles which probably means the person said yes. Aries wraps it up and tells the person to hurry before storming off so that the cameras don't follow him.


Back from the final break of the night, the announce team of Jeremy Borash and Al Snow banter of how this main event came to be. They again show the replay of the attack on Amazing Red from Homicide on iMPACT. Borash says that this main event is gonna be huge because a title change could occur right before our next pay-per-view, Final Resolution. Al Snow tells Borash to stop talking so that the main event can get underway, and Borash rightfully does so.


The crowd pop for the challenger to the X-Division Title when The Amazing Red makes his way out of the ring. Before making his way down the ramp, Red goes to each side of the stage, pumping up not only the crowd but himself. He slaps hands with fans at ringside before sliding into the ring. Despite it being a six-sided ring, Red goes to the corners to pose for the fans which excites the crowd even more.


Homicide gets the absolute opposite reaction from Red, the boos are just raining down on the X-Division Champion. Homicide comes out so smug, walking down the ramp, point at his X-Division Title for everyone to see. He lowers his bandana to badmouth a fan who has been screaming in the champ's direction. Homicide gets his bandana back in place before heading into the ring, staring straight at Amazing Red, not looking impressed.

The duties are turned over to Christy Hemme who does the introductions for the match.

Hemme: Ladies and gentleman, this is your Xplosion main event of the evening. Introducing first, in the corner to my left, the challenger, weighing in at one hundred and fifty pounds, THE AMAZING RED!

Nice pop for the challenger here.

Hemme: Next, in the corner to my right, weighing in at two hundred and five pounds, he is the X-Division Champion, the Notorious 187, HOMICIDE!

Homicide raises his title in the air for all to see only to get boo'd by the crowd.

Main Event - Singles Contest
X-Division Championship Match

The Amazing Red vs. Homicide (c)

The referee for this bout is senior official Earl Hebner. Earl is unwillingly handed the X-Division Title by Homicide. He then raises it in the air for all to see that this match is indeed for the X-Division Title. He calls for the bell and this signals for some movement between the competitors. The crowd is buzzing with "Red" chants all around much to the annoyance of Homicide. The two men circle each other looking to lock up but 'Cide has different plans as he pretends to go for the lock up but proceeds to connect with a kick to the gut, doubling Red over. 'Cide clubs Red in the back, then jabs him until Red reaches the ropes. 'Cide is on the attack connecting with multiple punching combinations as wells as stiff elbows right to the cranium of Red. He is whipped to the opposite ropes by 'Cide who doubles over looking to hit a back body drop, but Red floats over and connects with rights of his own cornering 'Cide. However, 'Cide uses his strength advantage and just pushes Red away via the face. Red comes back running at him but 'Cide throws him over but Red lands on the second rope! 'Cide turns around right into a CROSSBODY PIN ATTEMPT - 1, 2, KICKOUT!

Both men are up quickly after that pin attempt. Red runs to 'Cide but he gets taken out by a brutal CLOTHESLINE THAT FOLDS HIM UP! 'Cide decides not to go for a pin attempt, instead he lays to the boots on Red who is trying to protect himself. The champion taunts the crowd, badmouthing them as usual. He gets Red to his feet and whips him off the ropes. Off the rebound, 'Cide connects with a jumping elbow right on Red's kisser. Finally a pin attempt from the champion - 1, 2, KICKOUT BY RED! 'Cide is frustrated and just lets it all out by grabbing Red by his tights and just throwing him outside via the bottom rope like a piece of trash. He rubs his hands as if he just dusted off some dirt off them much to the chagrin of the audience. 'Cide then tells Earl Hebner to do his job and count Red out and Earl obliges. The crowd will Red on after the beating he's taken from 'Cide. Hebner is at the count of six before Red shows some movement. At the count of nine, Red is in before he is counted out much to the annoyance of 'Cide once again.

As soon as Red enters the ring, 'Cide again lays the boots to Red. He takes off his bandana and puts it off to the side. Red is helped to his feet by 'Cide who then badmouths the weary Red. 'Cide is just toying with Red here slapping him. However, Red has had enough and connects with stiff forearms to 'Cide that staggers him back. But again, 'Cide knows what to do as he connects with a knee to the gut. 'Cide whips Red to the corner, runs after him going for the splash but at the last second, RED DODGES! Red's turn for some offense now - he runs towards 'Cide who is dazed in the corner. Red somehow uses 'Cide's chest as a way to dropkick 'Cide right on the mouth which gets some 'oooohs' from the crowd. 'Cide then comes off the ropes only to be struck with an amazing SPINNING HEEL KICK, ANOTHER COVER! 1, 2, KICKOUT! ALMOST HAD A NEW X-DIVISION CHAMPION THERE!

Red takes a breather for a bit. He gets back to his offense when he sees 'Cide is up in the corner. He runs towards 'Cide and scores with a flying forearm. After this, he whips himself off the opposite ropes - RIGHT INTO A TILT-A-WHIRL BACKBREAKER BY HOMICIDE! 'CIDE'S TURN FOR A COVER - 1, 2, 3! NO - A KICKOUT BY RED! 'Cide staggers back, sitting on a turnbuckle, seemingly unbeknowest of what he just pulled off there. When he snaps back into reality, he slash across the throat, looking to end things here. Red is still seething from that backbreaker when 'Cide gets him up. 'Cide again clubs Red in the back multiple times before hooking both arms in position for the Gringo Killa! But Red floats over and kicks 'Cide in the gut, doubling him over. The fans pop for this, seeing an opportunity for Red here. Red jumps onto the back of 'Cide, rearing forward looking to hit with some impact, but no! 'Cide counters it, getting Red back on the floor, staggering him back but not too far. 'Cide then pulls out something here - GRINGO CUTTER! GRINGO CUTTER! 'Cide leaps over onto the fallen body of Red, PIN ATTEMPT - 1, 2, 3! NOOOO! KICKOUT BY RED!

'Cide is livid getting into the face of senior official, Earl Hebner. The two bicker about it for a bit but Hebner doesn't change his call. 'Cide kicks at the ropes and points to his eyes, signaling Hebner use his eyes so that he can count the pin faster. 'Cide gets back to Red, stomping on him once more. He helps Red to his feet but Red powers out AND GOES FOR A ROUNDHOUSE! BUT NO! 'CIDE DUCKS UNDERNEATH IT! LITTLE DOES HOMICIDE KNOW THAT RED CONTINUES HIS MOTION AND CONNECTS WITH A ROUNDHOUSE KICK AS SOON AS 'CIDE LIFTS HIS HEAD! The crowd is going crazy after the straight forward motion by Red. However, Red doesn't go for a cover. Instead, Red rears back, runs towards 'Cide, STANDING SHOOTING STAR! WOW! NOW FOR THE PIN! 1, 2, 3! NO! THE REFEREE IS DRAGGED TO THE OUTSIDE! WHAT?!

Winner: No Contest (10:19)

A guy wearing a black hoodie jumps the railing and pulls the referee out while he was counting the pin for Red which prompts Earl to call for the bell. Earl and the mystery man talk smack at each other before the man in the black hood strikes Earl, flooring him. Red goes to check on what's going now, clearly frustrated. As soon as Earl hits the canvas, the mystery man pulls his hood down, IT'S RODERICK STRONG! The announce team hype up who Roderick Strong is, recollecting his work in the indies. When Strong sees that Red notices him and moves towards him, he runs around the ring with Red chasing him. After about two laps, the crowd is buzzing again. When Red turns the corner, BOOM! HE'S TAKEN OUT BY A CLOTHESLINE BUT BY WHO?! IT'S MATT SYDAL! The crowd is incredibly confused at what is going on.

The Strong joins Sydal in stomping on Red on the outside. While this is all happening, 'Cide is just returning to his senses. However, down the ring walks a superstar of Xplosion, IT'S AUSTIN ARIES! He's seen clapping with a wide grin on his face nodding his head in approval of what is happening. He goes over to where the beatdown of Red is happening, HE SHAKES HANDS WITH THE RODERICK STRONG AND MATT SYDAL! The crowd is shouting abuse at the three men. The cameras even closeup on some of the audience members looking quite shocked at what is happening. Aries, Sydal, and Strong then enter the ring where they see 'Cide making himself aware of where he is. When he turns around, Aries pulls him close and lifts him up in the air! HE'S NOT GOING TO DO THIS, IS HE?! OH YES HE IS, HE DOES IT! ARIES CONNECTS WITH A DEVASTATING BRAINBUSTER! Everyone is shocked, even at commentary, the team is silent. After that brainbuster, Aries takes both Strong and Sydal's arms and raises it in the air. This is the last image we see before Xplosion goes off the air.


Spoiler for Quick Results:
Xplosion Quick Results
Senshi def. TJ Wilson
Samoa Joe def. Yoshi Tatsu via submission
Generation Me def. Lethal Consequences
X-Division Title Match: Homicide (c) vs Amazing Red ended in a [/COLOR]No Contest

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