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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Raw Feedback

Was certainly looking forward to Punkís promo as heíd be pissed following what went down at NOC. Very pleased to see that you did go the route of Punk being angry with what took place and Nash. Your Punk promos have certainly improved from day one and Iím sure theyíll continue to do so. Some of the jokes werenít great, especially the gardening, can tell youíre English lol. Trips coming out I anticipated and Iím glad Punk at first stood up to Trips, continuing to question him. However, him then apologising wasnít a good call in my opinion. Just doesnít sit with Punkís character, especially when heís in this kinda mood. Laurinaitis was probably the best written out of the three, I could imagine everything he was saying and the match made for later is a big one, no doubt. Punk/Kofi could own if given time.

I really wasnít pleased you gave the Odd Couple the belts at NOC but it is what it is and they were always gonna retain here. A decent enough contest, not really sure where either team goes from here though. Hopefully we get some progress next week.

Cena interview was pretty standard stuff, captured his character nicely but I wouldíve liked a little more hype regarding his announcement later on. He just kinda went ĎYeah Iíll tell ya later, see ya, bye.í

Decent little segment here with the divas. Kelly actually having some depth to her character is shocking but I hope you keep it up, nice little angle building.

Mysterio was fairly solid here. Not a lot you can do with him on the stick but did all you could. Johnny remembering his little agreement was pleasing and introducing Clay was unexpected but I like it. Brodus as a kind of henchman for Johnny would be ideal and he looked like an absolute monster here. Absolutely punishing stuff and a hell of a debut. Not sure where Mysterio goes from here, Iím guessing the injured list but itís only upwards from here for Brodus, strong stuff.

Aftermath was nice and it really emphasised how hurt Rey was with the stretcher. The whole mask thing I wasnít sure on, though if itís just Laurinaitis taking it as almost like a trophy then thatís epic.

Ziggler promo was decent here which is surprising as he isnít the easiest to write. Loved the Albany slagging off . The whole Drew Mac storyline is an interesting one and I look forward to where you go with it. Will certainly draw Drew either a lot of heat or a lot of sympathy depending which route you go. I will say this probably didnít need to be done in the ring, couldíve maybe been done backstage or been a touch longer if in the ring.

Probably the best Del Rio promo youíve done and Iím hoping you continue to improve with him. Loved the way he just shot down Cena though Iím sure thatíll come back to bite him in the backside later.

Punk/Kofi was an excellent TV contest. Two crowd favourites giving it all they got for 17 minuttes, perfect stuff. Miz and Truth interfering was inevitable and the right call. Aftermath was nicely done as well, effective promo from Miz and typical crazy Truth. Very strong booking here with this and a big match now set for Hell in a Cell.

Funny stuff with Santino here. Again showing just how intimidating Brodus is. Bourneís a brave man lol, I expect another hiding from Brodus to be dished out next week.

Solid enough interview from Ryder here, got his character down well. Wasnít sure why Primo didnít talk but the match then made it clear why. Very clever stuff, again drawing all the more sympathy for Ryder from the crowd. BUT, Iím not really sure where Primo fits in now moving forward or whether or not this whole Swagger/Hawkins/Primo thing will lead anywhere. Look forward to seeing it though.

Pretty strong main event although it was predictable Cena would prevail. Wouldíve liked to see an appearance from Punk/Kofi to build that but I get that you wanted to sell what happened earlier on in the show. Del Rio sticking his nose in after was expected and the announcement from Cena was likewise. Maybe could've had this get physical or a little more drama towards it. A steady ending if a little unspectacular but at least the Hell in a Cell main event is now set and the ball can get rolling so to speak.

On the whole a solid, progressive show here. I would say the main event was surprisingly the flattest part of it. Everywhere else shined quite well, particularly Punk and his angle while Clay had an awesome debut. You havenít got much time to build for HIAC but you got off to a strong start here and I look forward to the next one, donít keep us hanging too long.
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