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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Right my friend, after a great pay-per view I'm looking forward to the fallout. Let's get this show on the road.

1. Opening promo was good for me, thought you had everyone's characters down well. Only thing I disliked was Punk apologising, but that aside nice start.

2. From there we get a decent match for the Tag Titles, there was no way Santino and Koslov were losing the title so soon but anyhow nice match.

3. I loved this debut! Thought Clay looked like a monster, a very strong addition to Johnny's administration. Nice match, brutal stuff from Clay.

4. Really like this, very different. Laurinaitis and Rey should make a great feud between the boss and babyface. Really like Big Johnny keeping onto Rey's mask.

5. Again good job mate, created intrigue with Ziggler and Mcintyre. I'll have to say I think it's leading to a face Drew, something which would be interesting to see.

6. A match made for Hiac, certainly something different. Should be a good one

7. I like this group, it appears everyone is turning against Zack. I think in this thread as a whole you've done well to build mid card feuds and not just focused on the bigger feuds, props for that my friend.

8. Well I see we've got Cena/ADR for Hiac, should be a good match. Nice way to end the show with that announcement.

Overall another nice show here mate, think the Administration is really growing stronger and the Cena/ADR feud is going nicely. Also the Swagger/Ryder scenario is bubbling along nicely. I look forward to SD my friend (y)
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