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Re: Updated Numbers Confirm WrestleMania 28 Is The Biggest Wrestling PPV Of All Time

Something I posted a few weeks ago, biggest drawing match/es for every WM:

Originally Posted by Rock316AE View Post
In terms of selling point matches for WM:

1. Hogan - 1-8, 18, 19 - 10 WMs.
2. Rock - 15, 16, 17, 18, 20, 27, 28 - 7 WMs.
3. HBK - 12, 14, 20, 24, 25, 26 - 6 WMs.
4. Bret - 9, 10, 12, 13, 26 - 5 WMs.
5. HHH - 16, 20, 21, 22, 25 - 5 WMs.
6. Austin - 13, 14, 15, 17 - 4 WMs.
7. Savage - 4, 5, 8 - 3 WMs.
8. Flair - 8, 20, 24 - 3 WMs.
9. Orton/Foley/Andre/Vince/Big Show/Taker/Batista/Cena - 2 WMs.
10. Lesnar/Goldberg/Warrior/Piper/Sid/Orndorff/Slaughter/Luger/Benoit/Trump/Mayweather etc - WM.

The matches:
WM1. Hogan/T/Piper/Orndorff/Celebrities, WM2. Hogan/Bundy, WM3. Hogan/Andre, WM4. Hogan/Andre, WM5. Hogan/Savage, WM6. Hogan/Warrior, WM7. Hogan/Slaughter, WM8. Hogan/Sid, WM18. Hogan/Rock, WM19. Hogan/Vince.

WM15. Rock/Austin, WM16. Rock/Foley/Show/HHH, WM17. Rock/Austin, WM18. Rock/Hogan, WM20. Rock/Sock/Evolution, WM27. Rock as GH, WM28. Rock/Cena.

WM12. HBK/Hart, WM14. HBK/Austin/Tyson, WM20. HBK/Benoit/HHH, WM24. HBK/Flair, WM25. HBK/Taker, WM26. HBK/Taker.

WM9. Hart/Yokozuna, WM10. Hart/Luger/Yokozuna, WM12. Hart/HBK, WM13. Hart/Austin, WM26. Hart/Vince.

WM16. HHH/Rock/Foley/Show, WM20. HHH/Benoit/HBK, WM21. HHH/Batista, WM22. HHH/Cena, WM25. HHH/Orton.

WM13. Austin/Hart, WM14. Austin/HBK/Tyson, WM15. Austin/Rock, WM17. Austin/Rock.

WM4. Savage/DiBiase, WM5. Savage/Hogan, WM8. Savage/Flair.

WM8. Flair/Savage, WM20. Evolution/Rock/Sock, WM24. Flair/HBK.

The highest grossing WM was 28 - Rock/Cena.
The biggest gate for a WM was 28 with $8.9 million - Rock/Cena.
The biggest domestic buyrate was WM17 - Rock/Austin.
The biggest international buyrate was WM28 - Rock/Cena(Rock's power worldwide, otherwise, the markets are down everywhere).
The biggest overall buyrate is going to be WM28 in a few months - Rock/Cena.

One of the most impressive numbers, if not THE, was WM5 - Macho Man vs Hulk Hogan because they drew record number of 700k+ domestic when the availability of PPV was extremely low back then and only a few did bigger than that to this day when you have access to PPV in every house. The brilliant year storyline of The Mega Powers is one of the best of all time and they did amazing business together on the road and on PPV.

If Rock plans to work 3 more WMs, he will be at the Top with Hogan. He's going to work WM29 and %99.999 WM30, so he will be almost there in a year and a half.

Selling point matches means the matches that got the most interest and promotion before the event, their place on the card is irrelevant, for example Jericho/HHH at WM18 wasn't the selling point in any way. It based on the momentum of the program before the event, the star power and the position of the stars at that time.
You can officially change that: "The biggest overall buyrate is going to be WM28 in a few months - Rock/Cena"
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