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Re: Your 5 Star Match Lists

Originally Posted by USAUSA1 View Post
Hart vs. HBK IronMan, this match always had its critics. They say its not enough falls or excitement. That's why I think its great. Its similar to the Flair/Windham in the sense that it will take more than the time limit to just get one pin over me,COMPETITION. In the early days of wrestling when it was LEGIT real, it would take 60-70 minutes just for one fall in the big matches. I think if there are more than 3 falls in a 60 minute IronMan match, it defeats the purpose.
I really wouldn't say its close to Flair/Windham at all. Flair/Windham is superb for many reasons, the ever present story where Windham is established as good enough to continually dominate Flair only for his inexperience to always seemingly give Flair an opportunity to turn the tide, Windham having some of the best offence in history whilst being a sensational seller and pure babyface, Flair working his charisma and character into every exchange and selling the match beautifully through his mannerisms and emotions whilst Windham sells the wear and tear, the pacing being fluid and marvellous and the battle between young phenom vs star veteran always providing for smooth transitions and engaging nearfalls.

HBK/Bret just feels like a badly done 60 minute match. The first half presents what could have been a great story with Michaels outwrestling Hart and taking the initiative, only to resort to his usual high flying in an attempt to win the match and providing Hart with an escape route to regain control...but the problem is Bret blows off all the armwork Shawn utilises to the point where it removes any drama from the match, Bret doesn't come off as a wounded champion and that significantly affects the drama needed for a match of that length. HBK and Bret's personal problems also seem to affect the match, neither really looks committed to trying to make the other look as good as they can, as evidenced by Bret's lack of desire to sell Michaels' armwork from the first half of the match. Neither are my favourite workers of all time but I just think its a dry match and lacks that truly engaging story and performance from either man that someone like a Flair was capable of. Say what you will about some of his theatrics but he was always working and reacting to each big moment in a match and making it work, and the likes of Windham and Steamboat were far better babyfaces for him to work off than Michaels was against Bret.

Backlund/Valentine from 1979 is still WWF/E's greatest Broadway match by some distance. Largely in no small part because of the respective performances from both men, as well as the story of Valentine's inability to lock on the figure four and him slowly driving himself neurotic in trying to incapacitate Backlund long enough for him to not be able to counter the hold.

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