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Re: Head teacher suspended after showing Chuck Norris movie

Originally Posted by roadkill_ View Post

Heres the video (MASTERPIECE!);

Kids nowadays are raised to be such bitches. Harry Potter, Twilight, X-Factor and shit. I can't even look at a gaming forum these days, every kid has some weird shit with anime teddy's and garbage as an avatar.

I remember the second movie I ever witnessed (The first was Winnie The Pooh something or other.). It was the TV Premiere of The Terminator. My Dad, a Schwarzenegger fan, let me stay up late to watch it. I was about 4 years old. Thats the kinda shit I was raised on and I loved it. And you know what? Everyone else in my class was the same. All my friends knew the lines from RoboCop. I remember even Harrison Ford was deemed not violent enough among me and my friends.
I really don't see why you insulted anime,but the anime that is dubbed is chosen by the dubbing companies in the US,there are a LOT of violent animes out there that are ranked for 10+ (Some of them include twisting necks,cutting heads,half cut bodies and psychological games).

BUT I agree,I think American children are being protected way too much, I'm an old school kind of guy,my parents used to watch violent movies with me such as Blade,The Terminator etc,and I ended up just fine .
It's all about how parents raise you,not what they let you watch,at the end of the day,young martial artists have seen weapons and used them,but they were taught that it's for self defense,not for violence.

credits to Kagura for this awesome set
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