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Re: Two Matches Being Advertised For Survivor Series Locally (For Now)

Originally Posted by Tyrion Lannister View Post
A few things here

A) Ryback is going to win the Royal Rumble.

B) Vince will never allow Punk to be in the main event over Cena. Ever. Don't even think about it, you WILL be disappointed.

C) Vince would never let Cena lose to Rock two times in a row.

D) Vince would never let Cena vs Rock happen at the Rumble because it's too big for the Rumble. Which means Punk wins the title back at TLC.

E) Vince would never let Punk go over Rock, especially not after going over Cena. Twice.

F) Even if for some reason they allowed Cena vs Rock to happen at Royal Rumble and Punk vs Rock to happen at WrestleMania in the last match on the card, Cena MUST win at TLC, not Survivor Series. It is NOT acceptable to cut Punk's reign off before he gets a year long title reign, especially by 2 days. That's just a giant fuck you to Punk.
Punk should retain at all 3 PPVs. Then drops 2 Rocky Rumble 13, Cena wins EC No.1 contenders match, CM Punk wins rumble match by No.30 with Triple Threat WWE title match at WM29
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