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Re: Hogan's World Titles

WWF World - won from Iron Sheik (01-23-1984) & lost to Andre the Giant (02-05-1988)
WWF World - won from Macho Man Randy Savage (04-02-1989) & lost to The Ultimate Warrior (04-01-1990)
WWF World - won from Sgt. Slaughter (03-24-1991) & lost to The Undertaker (11-27-1991)
WWF World - won from The Undertaker (12-03-1991) stripped of title (12-04-1991)
WWF World - won from Yokozuna (04-04-1993) & lost to Yokozuna (06-13-1993)

WCW World - won from Nature Boy Ric Flair (07-17-1994) & lost to The Giant (10-29-1995)
WCW World - won from The Giant (08-10-1996) & lost to Lex Luger (08-04-1997)
WCW World - won from Lex Luger (08-09-1997) & lost to Sting (12-28-1997)
WCW World - won from Macho Man Randy Savage (04-20-1998) & lost to Goldberg (07-06-1998)
WCW World - won from Kevin Nash (01-04-1999 Finger Poke of Doom) & lost to Nature Boy Ric Flair (03-14-1999)
WCW World - won from Macho Man Randy Savage (07-12-1999) & lost to Sting (09-12-1999)

Look at that, loses WCW Title after more than a year to The Giant (who he claims he put over/made), and then later on wins it back from The Giant. Loses to Luger, wins it back from Luger. Loses to Goldberg, who loses to Nash, who gives it back via a fingerpoke. He did the same with The Undertaker. Also note how he beat Savage 3 times for a World Title and never returned the favour. He only dropped the belt to big guys or very established names (Sting/Flair), instead of talented up and coming guys like Hart. The loss to Ultimate Warrior reminded me of the story that he begged Turner to bring back Warrior to wrestling, to WCW, just so he could avenge that loss at WM.

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Instead of everyone getting pissed at Hogan, why not go off on McMahon? Hes the one who allowed it.
He had creative control.

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