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Halo 4-A rage thread

Sorry is is out of bounds for the forums however with the release of Halo 4 upcoming I'm going to spew some serious anger against the Halo Franchise. A lot of this has to do Bungie (Makers of Halo, Halo 2-3 and Reach). All of this has to do with multiplayer-not the campaign.

Yes I realize Halo 4 is not made by Bungie-Basically because Bungie told Microsoft (The owners of all things Halo) they wanted to be independent thus 343 studios has been recruited by Microsoft to create the next series of Halo for them.

Can 343 do better than Bungie? Well, I suspect not. They are sucking from the tit of Microsoft. So they'll be just as worse, if not EVEN worse than Bungie was.

My biggest beef has been, and always will playlists. In Halo 3 you had to PAY to certain playlists. What pissed me off the most is Bungie would blame Microsoft for the pricing of the map packs, YET THEY controlled all aspects of playlists. I was enraged in Halo 3 I was told I had to upgrade to play Team Swat.

In Halo 2 "Superjumping" was a huge issue. Bungie stated "It's not cheating". Well assholes, when someone knows a secret and it's not commonly shared, its cheating.
In Halo 3, using an Elite in Team Swat wasn't considering "cheating" either by Bungie, however it was impossible to shoot an elite in the head when your opponent was turned away from you. Bungie claimed, and claimed it wasn't an issue-yet in Halo Reach they eliminated Elites in Team Swat and only made spartans available in the game.

Map Prices:
$10 dollars for 3 maps is the "standard" now. In Halo 2 3 maps used to cost $5 (fuck MS points btw-its just a way to say to mommy and daddy "it's only 10K points").
$3.33 per map is bullshit. It's a map.

When Halo Reach deployed the multiplayer ONLY had Slayer. ONLY. Fans like me were enraged. Seriously? I bought this for Swat, Sniper etc. Shit that was established since Halo 2. Don't pull this garbage. Give us the basics. At least at this point the douch who was in charge of Halo Multiplayer (shakista) was fired by Bungie and replaced by somone who got it.
In conclusion-343 can either suck up to MS or actually provide fans what we want. After 5 sequels , we deserve the basics.. for free.

Renew my subscription...bwhahahaha!!

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