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Re: ASS CREED III - October 30th, 2012....Bye Ezio :'(

Originally Posted by Duke Droese View Post
I couldn't even get through 5-6 hours of Revelations. The pacing was off, the story was convoluted, the action was boring, the tower defense was mundane, the set-pieces were clunky, the setting was uninspired. It didn't help that it was the fourth AC game in as many years either. I've tried playing the game a couple of times since; I just find it to be an utterly uninteresting game.

Brotherhood was my favourite of the franchise, with 2 closely followed. The Renaissance period was absolutely perfect for AC, but I loved the gameplay tweaks that were introduced in Brotherhood.

I might be one of the few, but I don't have any negative feelings attached to AC1. I absolutely adored that game at the time of release. I still remember watching the first preview for the game and my jaw just hitting the floor. The game didn't entirely live up to that concept, but it was a starting point that I was happy with.

For some reason I'm relatively indifferent to AC3 though. It's a week out and I really have no inclination to play the game. I think that has a lot to do with my feelings for Revelations. It's possible that I'm just entirely fatigued with the franchise, but I'll still be getting it on day 1. I don't know if there's any franchise that I've enjoyed more this generation than Assassin's Creed.

Thanks for sharing. I guess people may also of been burned out on AC as a franchise when Revelations hit as well. AC:R had the greatest number of "irritants" of any of the games, but the most positives as well. The setting and entirely different cast threw a lot of people for a spin, but because of the time elapse and ending of Brotherhood, they kinda had to go that route. I liked Constantinople myself. I did think seeing Yusef showing Ezio new tricks with the hookblade was kinda weird though, I sat there like "Uh, yeah, Ezio is the best in the world, you don't teach him shit" be like some vagrant bank robber teaching Batman how to pick locks. The game should of had Ezio invent that and teach people, not vice versa IMO.

I think also, Revelations showed a different side of Ezio which was also awesome. He clearly evolved and by Revelations, I started to feel like I was living his (and Altair's) life from beginning to end.

As far as AC1 goes - the one thing that game did the best, was crowds were more fun to blend into. It wasn't the "four people in a perfect addition sign, stand in the middle" crowd nonsense I grew to hate.

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