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Re: Do you wear glasses?

Originally Posted by JoeRulz View Post
Has anyone of you ever tried those laser surgeries? I know few people whose vision got like 70% better, or stuff like that. It's expensive though...
My friend did and he doesn't recommend it to anyone. He got it done and like 2 years later had to go do it again and, at the time, his eyes were failing, again, so twice the surgery was unsuccessful.

Another one of my friends had it done recently and said his eyes are starting to get back to normal (normal being that he needs his glasses again).

I had to get my glasses in grade 7. Originally, they were just for reading, but I was all I AM NOT GONNA WEAR THESE PHAGGY HUGE GLASSES so I continued to read without them, and that same year, needed to wear glasses permanently because of it.

I don't mind them now at all. I got awesome frames that I love and it looks normal on me so I'm good. I almost always take them off for pictures, though. I don't think I have ever posted a picture here with them on. Well, maybe one, I forget.

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