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Re: Asian couple the subject of controversy

Originally Posted by CamillePunk View Post
Nah I dated a woman 10 years older than myself and there wasn't a problem at all. The difference is I was 18, not 12. Age gap isn't an issue with me at all, so long as one of the persons involved isn't a child. I'm not up in arms about it or anything, and will probably forget the story by tomorrow, but it is pretty disturbing and I'm not sure how someone could think otherwise.
I totally get it. I don't wonder why people see it as 'creepy', it's understandable, I guess I just have a little faith in the fact that their love may actually be real, and it would be nice to see if they really do love each other enough to wait for legal age to kick in and get married. That just seems like a lot of love and respect.

Elvis met Pricilla when she was 14, he was 24. 2 year difference, but, still, she was young, and they had a 7 year relationship before getting married. Jimmy Page and Lori Maddox had an almost 2 year affair when she was 14 and he was in his 20's (Lori can go fuck herself).

I am not saying that everyone should go out and try to find a 12 year old. I personally wouldn't go after one myself, not because it's 'creepy', but because I am just not interested, but if someone finds love at that age, and the guy (or girl) happens to be older, ok. Just can't judge people based on age. The dude looks normal enough, anyway, and she doesn't seem to be complaining about anything in the relationship.

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