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Re: Official The Rock WWE Championship Discussion

My storyline for Rock vs Brock at WM 29

(At the rumble The Rock beats CM Punk for the title with some help from Austin. (U will know why Austin is there in the next match) Brock Lesnar enters the rumble but gets eliminated after a bunch of superstars gang up on him. Brock is pissed that happen. The next night on raw Paul Heyman comes out and demands a spot for Brock in the raw chamber after what happen to him in the rumble. GM Ric Flair comes out and says Brock has to earn his spot in the chamber. Paul Heyman says Brock shouldn't have to earn his spot after what happened. Flair says forget it Brock wont get a spot in the chamber. Later in the night Brock comes out and forces JR in the ring and threaten to break his arm uness Ric gives Brock what he wants. Ric comes and has no choice but to give in to Brock. Brock is now in the raw chamber. At the PPV its Rock vs Punk for the wwe title in a rematch since Punk has rematch. Rock beats Punk. Later that night the Raw chamber match is a #1 contenders match for the WWE title at WM since Jericho chose to face the World champ right away after the rumble. Brock wins the match by last eliminating cena. Now at WM its Rock vs Brock for the WWE title and I would have Brock win cause The Rock will be leaving right away after WM 29 and that Brock wont be leave right away after WM 29 but soon after that tho like at Extreme Rules so he can drop the title then. Now I know a lot of u will be like these guys are not full time they shouldn't be in the wwe title match. Well I know that but I think it would be a great idea and the match could have a lot of heat by the fans in it. Just like Brock vs Goldberg at WM 20 when they knew both guys were leaving. Its a NY/NJ crowd so there will be a lot of hardcore wrestling fans there so they will know Rock will be leaving again after WM 29 and they know its obvious Brock will drop the title at Extreme Rules or the next night cause he will be leaving soon as well. So I think this match would be great. Just cause of the fans heat)
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