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Re: Calum Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

Raw Feedback

I liked the foundation of this Orton interview. The whole four year thing as well as Tripsí family were a good base to go from. However, the execution was off entirely. Orton really does need to improve as far as promos go. Heís the main man on this show, the main man in the company right now and he needs to come across as deserving of that. A lot of it was quite repetitive. A lot of moments, beginnings, ends, four years throughout and it kinda seemed like it was going nowhere.
Once Vince came out this segment was a lot better. Unlike Orton you had Vinceís character up to a pretty good standard, all the usual trademarks in there and the whole not firing because he wants to inflict pain is a good route to go. Ending just goes to show why Orton is the man right now. Brutal stuff and I canít help but think this isnít the last we see of Orton and the McMahonís down the line.
I commented on it at Backlash but again here, Flair just doesnít sound too much like Flair. I get that it was quite a serious moment and whatever else but I just couldnít picture him saying it.

Pretty solid match first up but I think it was one that Jericho and Miz were always gonna walk out victorious in. Miz getting the win was pleasing too, helps keep his momentum building, something Jericho doesnít particularly need.

Carlito and Primo as the first draft picks? Not a bad choice. Thought you may go for a bigger name but itís not a bad choice and they should add very nicely to the tag ranks on Raw.

Shane vs Orton next week should be a hell of a battle. Shane in a Street Fight or No Holds Barred environment always shined.

Raw wins again! Big win for Beth and the right call much like the match earlier on tonight. Next draft pick isÖMaryse! You planted the seeds last night with Beth and Maryse so Iím glad you followed up on that. Unification imminent and I look forward to when it does come, itís the smart thing to do.

KENNEDY!! Love the pick here and glad to see KK back from injury. Heís a great character to write for and hopefully he gets a decent storyline on the red brand. Pick of the night so far.

Wow, strong words from Maryse here, loved it. Her basically calling Beth ugly had me laughing although Maryse is sexy as hell so everybodyís probably ugly to her.

Punk ambushing Kane was a good decision to make after what went down at Backlash. Match itself was decent for what it got and the DQ ending wasnít a bad way to finish although Iím very intrigued by the aftermath with Kane. Iím guessing this is gonna lead to his remasking but for now I await answers.

Edge was actually pretty good here, a vast improvement from anything Iíve seen you write him before.
It kind of dragged a little towards the end but the first bit was strong. I guess he is now officially face and although Iím not that keen on him and Vickie/Show feuding but it will at least cement his turn. Edge spearing Vickie shocked me but I guess it was purely an accident, wouldíve no doubt got a HUGE pop thatís for sure lol. Solid segment to get this feud up and firing, good job.

Made sense for TBK and Zeke to win here, building their momentum after last nightís title win. Cryme Tyme didnít come out of it looking any worse either so good booking here.

Ziggler to Smackdown, wise pick indeed. Chance for him to go out and really shine. A mid card title run would no doubt do wonders for him.

Wow, JoMo also? Smackdown getting some strong mid card/upper card talent and these guys are no doubt gonna make the match side of Smackdown really tick.

Hardy and Cena exchange was decent here, testing the waters perhaps. Iíd be all for a feud between the two but I think the hint about Jeff suggests otherwise. The Hardy/Long segment that followed this didnít really serve any purpose however, wouldíve left that alone or until Smackdown.

Good way to build up the tag ranks here. Colons getting some promo time is a good thing and pleased to see McIntyre and McGuiness get some time on their own rather than simply with Regal. A lot of teams building up here and Legacy are still very much at the forefront you would have to believe.

Nice win for Lashley here and the pick for Smackdown was HUGE. Y2J heading over to Friday nights is massive for the brand and I canít wait to see what you do with him. I anticipated him or Miz heading out of Raw so pleased to see I was correct. Jericho/Cena would certainly be a good read.

Really canít be bothered seeing Kozlov and Lashley keep feuding but this was a nice little continuation for it and gives Kozlov a little retribution after last night.

Jericho interview was ok, a little bit more work on his character could be done but itís not too far off. Him already getting Cena in his sights was definitely the statement to make.

Good bit of tension shown here between Cena and Edge. No doubting theyíll never be the best of friends but you displayed the respect between them nicely as well as Edgeís title aspirations. A lot of options now on SD in the title scene, Cena, Edge, Show, Jericho, Matt, Jeff, certainly exciting times ahead.

Big win for Mysterio to build on last night. Expected Regal to show his face but not to be. Next Raw pickÖMVP!! Big pick there and with him and Kennedy on Monday nights itíll be a fresh kind of feel around the upper mid card.

Ah here is Mr.Regal. Decent enough interaction between he and Flair, number one contenders match should be a gooden next week.

Very tame exchange between Legacy here. There was nothing really to it and Ted and Cody said almost the same things with the Ďbasicallyí. No real drama or intensity to it, they kinda just told him and he said alright lol. Wouldíve made it seem a much bigger deal.

Battle Royal wouldíve been a lot of fun Iím sure and those three men left standing were good calls. Iíd almost forgotten about Christian to be honest so pleased to see him shine a little here.

Draft picks were very strong again and Smackdownís mid card is really taking shape now. Kofiís another guy like Ziggler and Morrison who should now get a real shot at thriving on Friday nights while Kane is an interesting one. He could possibly be thrust into the main event whilst also helping the young guys so itís a smart pick. Plus, the whole demon inside storyline should be captivating.

Nice continuation of Edge/Show here, very simple but effective booking.

JBL is back!! Canít wait, loved the Wrestling God. His promo here wasnít all that, couldíve built the suspense a little more or emphasised it a touch more, capital letters or something but Iím just glad heís back.

Massive main event and I really didnít expect it to end with a winner so I was a little surprised it did. If it was gonna have a winner, it had to be Orton so that was at least the right call. Big win to continue solidifying him and the last draft pick isÖ

THE DEADMAN!! HUGE pick here and one that to be honest, Raw needed. With Tista gone, Trips gone and Michaels gone right now there really did appear to be nobody left for Orton to fend off but Taker is gonna provide that challenge and a whole lot more. Hell of a feud this should be and a great, exciting way to end things.

On the whole it was a decent showing here. I think the matches were all fairly solid and the draft picks were all very promising. You should be able to really make your mark with this now, creating your own feuds and own stars. Smackdown already looks to have a really fresh feel about it while Orton/Taker should be great. Only major negative would be the promos. Still need a lot of work, particularly Flair and Orton, however there are signs of improvement for a fair few of the other guys such as Edge and Cena. Keep it up sir.
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