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Re: WCW 2002: The Return

WCW Monday Nitro
Monday, January 7, 2002
Live from Baltimore, Maryland

Black Screen with 1-7-02 is shown
(Voice over) Tonight, professional wrestling history will be made. The greatest athletes in the world return to wage war on each other.
The world title is shown
(Voice over) The quest for the richest prize in the company is on.
Scott Steiner, Buff Bagwell, Booker T, Sting, Lex Luger, Kevin Nash, Jeff Jarrett, and Shane Douglas are shown.
(Voice over) But one man will walk out the new Heavyweight Champion of the World tonight when WCW makes its explosive return.

The WCW Nitro Theme plays and the pyro goes off in Baltimore as about 9,500 fans cheer in the Baltimore Arena.

(Tony) Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the return of WCW Monday Nitro live in Baltimore Maryland. For the first time ever WCW Monday Nitro is being aired on HBO. Weíd like to thank TSN in Canada for once again coming on board as our Canadian broadcast partner. Iím Tony Schiavone here along with my colleague the legendary Jerry ďThe KingĒ Lawler.

ďGreat Gate KievĒ plays and Jerry Lawler comes out through the original WCW Monday Nitro set. Lawler is received by a huge reaction from the crowd as he pauses before heading to the side of the entrance where the Broadcast Booth is located. Lawler puts his headset on and starts talking to everyone.

(King) Itís great to be the King and to be here in World Championship Wrestling. Itís even greater for you Tony Schiavone because now you get to work with royalty.

(Tony) This is already shaping up to being an excellent night for World Championship Wrestling. Weíre going to hear from the Owner of WCW, Eric Bischoff soon, but letís kick off the show with our opening contest.

David Penzer is standing in the middle of the ring as he introduces the opening contest for WCW Monday Nitro.

WCW World Heavyweight Championship Tournament
Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner vs. Total Package Lex Luger w. Miss Elizabeth

Two of the most physically jacked specimens in World Championship Wrestling square off in the opening contest for Nitro. Luger jumps Steiner before the match officially starts clotheslines him to the ground. Luger pulls Steiner up and whips him into the ring steps. The fans in Baltimore start giving Luger a tonne of heat as he continues to assault Steiner. Luger rolls him into the ring and starts pounding on the back of the Genetic Freak. Steiner attempts to get back to his feat, but Luger keeps him on the ground. Luger drops several elbows across the lower back of Steiner. Referee Charles Robinson attempts to pull Luger off of Steiner. Luger pushes Robinson aside and continues to attack Steiner. Big Poppa Pump fights back and a series of uppercuts that back Luger into the corner then whips him across the ring. Steiner nails him with a Steiner Line then follows up with a side suplex. Steiner exits the ring and starts talking to Miss Elizabeth on the outside. Luger rolls out of the ring and attempts to nail Steiner from behind, but Poppa Pump blocks a double axe handle and nails him with a series of right hands. Steiner slams Luger to the ground then rolls him into the ring. Steiner covers him for a near fall and the match continues. Steinerís momentum is quickly taken away by a low blow from Luger. The Total Package nails Steiner with a forearm and sets him in the Torture Rack. Big Poppa holds on and refuses to tap out. After being in the rack for nearly a minute, Steiner manages to get out by poking Luger in the eye. Luger drops Steiner and Poppa Pump falls to the canvas. Big Poppa Pump slowly gets to his feet when Luger starts charging towards him. With a back body drop, Steiner sends Luger over the ropes and onto the floor. Steiner continues to regroup in the ring while the Total Package is laid out. Scott Steiner rolls to the outside and rolls Luger into the ring and hits the Frankensteiner on him. Scott rolls Luger up for the 1...2...3.
Scott Steiner advances in the tournament via pinfall (8:01)

Big Poppa Pumpís hand is raised following the match. Steiner is about to leave the ring when he is nailed from behind by Luger. The Total Package orders Liz to bring in a led pipe. Elizabeth refuses and Luger continues to be persistent. Luger goes to the outside and grabs the pipe himself. He brings it into the ring and wines up to nail Steiner when Liz gets in and pulls the pipe out of Lugerís hand. The Total Package turns and throws Elizabeth to the canvas then uses the pipe to crack the skull of Steiner. Steiner is busted wide open as Luger leaves the ring.


The Total Package Lex Luger is shown with Jeremy Borash.

(JB) Fans want to know why you would do such a terrible thing as you did before the break. Why would you use a pipe on Scott Steiner and what did Miss Elizabeth do to deserve the treatment you gave her?

(Lex) Steiner is nothing more than a punk who should learn to its best to quit. Heís gotten in my way far too many times in the past and Iím sick to death of his crap. And as far as Liz is concerned, she poked her nose into the business that doesnít have anything to do with her. She should learn when itís best to just shut up and support your man. She doesnít realize that and Iíll be damned if Iím going to let her keep me down. This is a brand new time for WCW and the Total Package is going to come out on top.

(JB) Well luckily enough Scott Steiner has moved on in the tournament later tonight.

Lex grabs JB by the collar of his shirt.

(Lex) Luckily for you Iím not going to kick your teeth down your throat. I have far bigger plans for the World Heavyweight Championship and WCW later tonight.

Luger lets go of JB and leaves for his locker.

Back inside the arena, Tony and the King comment on what Luger is talking about.

(Tony) I wonder what Luger is referring to when he say he has far bigger plans for the World Championship?

(King) Heís kicked out of the tournament now so itís not as if heís going to walk out of here the new WCW Champion.

David Penzer introduces the next contest for WCW Monday Nitro.

WCW World Heavyweight Championship Tournament
Sting vs. Jeff Jarrett

The Icon of WCW receives a huge reaction from the Baltimore crowd as he walks down the aisle for his match. The Chosen One receives heat as he taunts some of the fans on his way down to the ring. The match kicks off with the two of them locking up in the ring. The Stinger backs Jarrett into the corner than nails him with a couple of chops to the chest. Sting whips Jarrett across the ring and charges after with a Clothesline. The Chosen One staggers out of the corner and Sting slams him to the canvas face first. Sting and Jarrett get back to their feet and the Sting dropkicks Jarrett back to the ground. Sting gets up and gives a WOOOOOO to the fans. The Icon of WCW starts working on the legs of Jeff Jarrett. Sting pulls Jeff to his feet and backs him into the corner. The Stinger whips him across the ring and charges after him with a Stinger Splash. Sting slaps the Scorpion Death Lock on Jarrett and applies pressure to his lower back. Jarrett crawls to the ropes and Sting is forced to let go of the hold. The Stinger is caught in a small package by Jarrett, but kicks out. Both men get to their feet and continue the match. Jarrett kicks Sting in the mid section then starts to use his own arsenal of moves on the Icon. Jarrett DDTs Sting to the canvas a covers him for a near fall. The Chosen One continues with the advantage on Sting when the Icon attempts to get back to his feet. Jarrett hits the Stroke on Sting and covers him, but Sting gets his foot on the ropes. Jarrett pulls Sting up and backs him into the corner. The Chosen One continues to beat Sting with right hand chops, but the Icon starts retaliating with his own. They go back and forth the chops until the Stinger starts going crazy on Jarrett. Sting throws Jeff in the corner and nails him with rights, lefts, kicks, and chops then drops him with a hip toss. The Icon charges after with a clothesline on Jeff and follows up with a Scorpion Death Drop. The Stinger then follows through with the Scorpion Death Lock and forces Jeff to tap out.
Sting advances in the tournament via submission (4:33)

Sting releases the hold and gives a WOOOO to the fans before leaves the ring area.

Mean Gene interviews Kevin Nash

(Gene) Ladies and Gentlemen, I have the privilege of interviewing one of the greatest big men in our sport, Big Sexy Kevin Nash. Tonight, you have the opportunity to walk out the new World Heavyweight Champion by simply eliminating the other wrestlers in the tournament. What is your strategy tonight?

(Nash) Itís quite simple Gene, one the best ways to get on top is to simply let others beat the holy hell out of each other, then go in for the kill. Youíve already seen two wrestlers advance in the tournament with Scott Steiener and Sting. Both men had a hard fought match and one of them was beat within an inch of his life, so itís going to be quite easy to go in for the kill later.

(Gene) Youíll be getting your opportunity to advance by facing Buff Bagwell later tonight. Are you ready for that?

(Nash) Iím as ready as Iíll ever be. You see, Buff Bagwell is a good wrestler, but heís never been the World Heavyweight Champion before. He doesnít have the killer instinct needed to be the best. Iíve been the World Champion on several occasions. I know what itís like to be at the top. Bagwell and everyone else needs to be on notice that my boys and I are going to take WCW by storm tonight. You want history, just wait and youíll see history be made right here tonight.


The road to Superbrawl is on with the greatest in the world squaring off. Some seek vengeance while others seek redemption. New Champions will be crowned and WCW will never be the same again. Join us for all the action, Sunday, February 3rd, 2002 live from Toronto, Canada and only on Pay-Per-View.

Back from the break, Kevin Nash is introduced for his contest. The Wolfpac music plays as he comes out to the ring.

WCW World Heavyweight Championship Tournament
Big Sexy Kevin Nash vs. Buff Bagwell

Buff Daddy puts a solid effort into dethroning Nash, but Big Sexy quickly isolates him in the corner and keeps Bagwell from mounting an offense. Nash body slams Bagwell then drops a knee across his chest then covers him for a near fall. Bagwell gets back to his feet but is kicked in the mid section by Nash. Big Sexy then drops Bagwell with a side suplex. Bagwell fights back and hits an inverted neck breaker on Nash. He clotheslines Big Sexy a couple of times then whips him into the corner. Bagwell charges after Nash and is immediately hit with a kick to the mid section. Bagwell goes for the Buff Blockbuster but Nash counters and slams Bagwell to the canvas. Bagwell is powerbombed and Nash covers him for the 1...2...3.
Kevin Nash advances in the Tournament via pinfall (3:24)

Nashís hand is raised in victory following the match. Kevin motions to the fans that heís going to have the belt around his waist by the end of the night.

Eric Bischoff is shown backstage talking with some of the WCW talent. Bischoff starts working his way out to the ring.

(Tony) The owner of WCW is on his way out to the ring. I wonder what he has to say.

(King) Weíre going to find out what the boss is up to when we get back.


WCW Nitro returns with Eric Bischoffís music playing. The Owner of WCW enters the arena and fans give him a huge pop. Bischoff has is jet black hair and a black suit on as he struts down the ring. Eric climbs through the ropes and is handed a microphone by David Penzer. A ďthank you BischoffĒ chant starts for the owner.

(Eric) Thank you very much, and please remember that I love each and every single one of you too... Almost a year ago, I was sitting back waiting to see what the fate of World Championship Wrestling was going to be. I remember eagerly sitting by my phone, talking with investors, and urging AOL Time Warner to sell WCW to me. This is the company that I helped build from the ground up; WCW is the company that has made an impact on every wrestling fanís life, and I wasnít going to watch it get sucked into the WWF. Itís taken several months, but finally World Championship Wrestling is back and on HBO. This is the company that has pushed the envelope and entertained a generation of wrestling fans. Weíre going to do that again, but this time itís all about taking no prisoners. Weíre well on our way tonight with the World Heavyweight Championship Tournament, but I want all of you to know that WCW isnít just about being the World Heavyweight Champion. Every championship in this company is worth its weight. Next week the Cruiserweights will have their chance to shine followed by the Tag Team Division. This will culminate to the biggest return in professional wrestling history when WCW Superbrawl comes back to Pay-Per-View. The highlight of that pay-per-view will be the return of Goldberg.

Eric pauses as the ďGoldbergĒ chants start in Baltimore.

(Eric) Goldberg will make his return, but Iím not going to spoil the surprise of letting you know who his opponent is. Iíll let you wait to see, but believe me when I tell you that you will not be disappointed.

ďThus Sprach ZarathustraĒ plays and the Nature Boy Ric Flair arrives in Baltimore. Fans jump to their feet as Flair poses at the entrance way and the pyro goes off. Clad in a suit and tie, the Nature Boy styles and profiles his way down to the ring. Flair steps through the ropes and gives a huge WOOOOOO to the crowd before being handed a microphone.

(Eric) What brings you out to my ring Ric?

(Ric) Your ring? You think this is your ring?

(Eric) Well, I do own WCW, so yes this is my ring and youíre interrupting me now and really just pissing me off.

(Ric) Iíve been the champion in this ring longer than youíve owned it. WCW is my company and this is my ring.

(Eric) I think youíve been dropped on your head too many times Ric, so let me make this very simple... WCW is my company... I own W...C...W.

(Ric) Let me make something quite clear for you Eric. When you looked to investors to loan you money for WCW, what you didnít realize that your loan came from me... That means, Weíre Partners.

Ric throws an arm around Bischoff and smiles. Eric is quite upset about the news and Flair struts around the ring before giving a big WOOOOOO.

(Ric) So donít get too cozy in your office because you have to answer to me. I will be watching you like a hawk to make sure you donít mess up Bischoff. Remember that The Nature Boy still is and will always be... The Man, Iím better than you and am a wrestling God! WOOOOOO

Flairís music plays and the Nature Boy leaves the ring with Bischoff still looking visibly upset.

(Tony) I canít believe what weíve just heard. The Nature Boy is now the co-owner of WCW.

(King) Bischoff looks like heís either very angry or very constipated, either way heís definitely uncomfortable.


David Penzer announces the next contest for WCW Nitro.

WCW World Heavyweight Championship Tournament
Booker T vs. Shane Douglas

The match starts off with both men locking up. Booker gets the Franchise in the corner and starts beating him down with rights and lefts. Booker whips Douglas into the rope and hits a side kick on him. Booker covers Douglas for a near fall. The former world champion continues to stay in control of the match until three men in black ski masks come down to the ring. They assault both Booker and Shane Douglas, forcing Nick Patrick to throw the match out as a double disqualification.
No Contest due to interference, Kevin Nash gets a buy in the tournament (1:05)

The three men in ski masks continue to beat the two of them down with chains and pipes. They grab Booker and chain him against the guard rail before continuing to beat the living hell out of him, busting him wide open. Two of the men go back into the ring and continue choking out Shane Douglas in the centre of the ring. Security race to the ring and the men in the ski masks jump over the barricade and exit through the crowd.

(Tony) Oh my god, I canít believe what we just witnessed. Who are those men?

(King) I donít know who they are, but hopefully someone will stop them.


Recap of what just happened prior to the break.

The three men run down the hallway in the back and head into a room, the shut the door to the room. The name on the locker room door says ďHulk HoganĒ

(Tony) Are they working for Hulk Hogan?

(King) I donít know; I didnít even know Hogan was here tonight?

Back in the arena Big Poppa Pumpís music plays and he comes out to the ring.

WCW World Heavyweight Championship Tournament
Big Poppa Pump vs. Sting

Two of WCWís mainstays square off in the middle of the ring. The fans are behind Sting as the Icon takes on the early lead in the match. Steiner is nailed repeatedly with kicks to the mid section, chops to the chest and rights to the head. Steiner is back into the ropes and the Icon whips him across the ring. Sting clotheslines Steiner to the ground and follows up with a head lock. Steiner gets up and grabs Sting. He drops Sting to the canvas with the side suplex. Steiner slowly gets up to his feet and clotheslines Sting into the ropes. Big Poppa Pump slams Sting head first repeatedly into the turn buckle. The Icon falls to the ground and Steiner continues to beat the Icon down. Steiner covers Sting for a near fall and the match is forced to continue. Big Poppa Pump pulls Sting up and nails him with a couple of uppercuts. Sting falls out of the ring and onto the floor. Steiner goes out after Sting and they continue to fight on the outside of the ring. Sting is whipped into the guardrail, but reverses and sends Steiner to the rail. They get back into the ring and Sting scoop slams Steiner to the canvas. Poppa Pump cut is open again and he is bleeding again. Sting drops Steiner with a Scorpion Death Drop and covers him for a near fall. The Icon whips Steiner into the corner and gives a WOOOO before slamming Steiner with the Stinger Splash. Sting whips Steiner across the ropes and goes after him again, but this time Steiner gets out of the way and Sting slams face first into the ring post. The Icon is busted open as well as Steiner gets the Stinger to the canvas with the Belly to Back Suplex. Steiner slaps the Steiner Recliner on Sting and the Icon is forced to tap out.
Scott Steiner advances to the finals via submission (7:38)

Big Poppa Pump releases the hold and pulls Sting back to his feet. Steiner extends a hand and Sting reluctantly shakes it. They raise each otherís hand high and Sting leaves the victor in the ring.

Eric Bischoff is on the phone trying to find out how the heck Ric Flair ended up as his business partner in the sale of WCW. Bischoff is still ticked off with the Nature Boy.


Scott Steiner stays in the ring following his previous match as Michael Buffer announces the main event to determine the new World Heavyweight Champion. Big Sexy Kevin Nash comes out to the ring.

Main Event
WCW World Heavyweight Championship Tournament
Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner vs. Big Sexy Kevin Nash

Tony Schiavone and Jerry Lawler comment on how Nash definitely has the advantage heading into the main event. Nash dominates Scott Steiner in the early moments of the match. Big Poppa Pump is backed into the corner. Nash drives several elbows into the busted head of his opponent. Big Sexy rams a couple of knees into Steinerís midsection then continues to choke Steiner out with his boot. Steiner is released and he drops to the canvas. Big Sexy drops and elbow across Steinerís lower back and then continues to isolate the abuse on the lower back. Big Poppa Pump slowly gets to a knee when Nash pulls him up and slaps a bear hug on him. Steiner attempts to fight his way out, but Nash rams Scott into the corner. Big Sexy continues his dominance over the wounded Scott Steiner and ultimately drives him to the canvas with a Powerbomb. Nash covers Steiner for a pin, but Scott Steiner manages to get a leg on the rope before three. Nash argues the speed of the count with Nick Patrick, allowing Steiner the opportunity to get back to his feet. Steiner drops Nash with a suplex then slowly gets to his feet. Scott Steiner slowly gains a little momentum in the match and clotheslines Nash out of the ring. Steiner goes to the outside and slams Nashís head into the ring steps. The fight breaks loose when the men with the ski masks come down to the ring and attack Scott Steiner on the floor. They drive a pipe into the mid section of Big Poppa Pump then throw him into the guard rail. Nash gets back in the ring and Nick Patrick calls for the bell. Eric Bischoff comes out and tells Nick Patrick that the match is to continue under No DQ rules. The men in the ski mask still beat up Scott Steiner outside the ring before rolling him back under the ropes. Nash poses for the crowd and teases with Steiner before laying on him for a pin. Nash gets a two count before Steiner gets a shoulder up. Nash is stunned that Big Poppa Pump can still kick out. Big Sexy goes to the outside and grabs a steal chair. He brings it back in and goes to nail Scott Steiner with it. Big Poppa Pump blocks the chair shot and nails Nash with the chair. Steiner covers Nash for the 1...2...3
Scott Steiner becomes the New World Heavyweight Champion via pinfall (8:57)

Big Poppa Pump is handed the World Title and raises it in the air; however his victory is short lived when the men with ski masks get in the ring and jumps him again. They annihilate the new World Champion and start to demolish the WCW Nitro ring area. Nash gets back to his feet and pulls the men off of Steiner. The men in the masks back off as Nash pulls Steiner to his feet. Big Sexy grabs him and powerbombs him to the canvas then hugs the three men with the ski masks. The four of them continue to assault the World Champion when the Nature Boy Ric Flair and Sting come out to the ring. They try to help Scott Steiner, but are beat down by the four men. Flair is busted open then put in the figure four.

ďVoodoo ChildĒ plays and Hollywood Hogan comes down to the ring. Tony and the King talk about how heís the mastermind behind all of the assaults. Hogan gets in the ring and embraces Nash as fans start booing. Hogan turns his back on Nash and nails him with a steal chair. Hollywood then single handily takes out all four men before standing tall in the ring with the new World Heavyweight Champion, WCW Co-Owner Ric Flair, and the Icon Sting as Nitro goes off the air from Baltimore.

World Championship Wrestling 1999
Changing of the Guard

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