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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

After reading this show for the third time, I think it warrants a review!

Mick Foley opening any show is awesome because Mick Foley really is one of the best talkers in the business and I think you got his character spot on in this promo. The exchange between Jericho and Foley was so beautifully written and the whole segment did a great job of setting up the main event and putting over the two challengers.

I love all the guys in the four way. Aero Star was hugely under-rated at this point in his career (and still is), Sydal/Bourne is just an awesome high-flier and Brian Kendrick is a super worker. Helms is actually my least favourite of the four but that's just my opinion on the guys in the match. The match was well written, nice pacing on the thing as a whole. It's sometimes awkward to get fast-paced four ways to feel fast-paced but you did a good job here.

Fucking genius! Mick Foley selling merch is just so true to the man! Nice quick exchange with Hassan, didn't drag and to the point. Could easily see Hassan written out from here but this definitely does something with Hassan.

Pay-Per-View promo! This Is Hostile? Nice PPV name.

More Foley! Did a good job of setting up the tag match between those two later on in the show.

How many good promo guys do you have on this roster? Punk is another one! Segment did it's job and set up the post-Main Event reveal very well.

TRIOS TOURNAMENT! Love Trio matches.

I know it was short and hardly noticeable but it caught my eye. The Samoa Joe interview was great. You didn't have Joe talk for too long, you kept it short. Joe is a guy who can talk a little but should use actions over words. This emphasised that for me. Good job. Almost exactly the same thing goes for Finlay too.

Another really well-written and well-paced match. Didn't really expect Evans & Ki to win it but I could see why somebody else could reading it.

Main Event was fawking baws. I hate Jericho so much in this thing. He's such a bastard! Every time he retains the title, my heart sinks a little. I was hoping Joe would get the title but I don't feel like he should be the guy to ultimately topple Jericho so I'm not too pissed about.

The post-match was great. Kind of figured Christian was returning tonight after the PPV poster earlier in the show. Glad to see the faces kick some ass! PPV Main Event looks great!

All around, a very good show. Look forward to the next one!

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