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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

Oblivion Feedback

Great to see Foley back and calling the shots. Had his character pretty much spot on right from the get go and I liked the emphasis on his relationship with Heyman being simply business. Jericho was on point as ever, the guy is gold in this thread. Foleyís line about the three faces had me marking out a touch inside lol, great little line in there. BIG time announcement for tonight and that main event is gonna be an absolute slobberknocker as a great Oklahoman may say. Very strong opening segment.

Good to see Helms back in the thick of things and this was a very solid match unsurprisingly. Lito getting involved and costing Star was a bit of a shock, I donít quite know what thatís about as heís dealing with the Mexicools, maybe Iíve missed something there. Guessing itíll be to do with his Mexican heritage or whatnot. But yeah, strong opening contest and the right call in having Helms win. A Helms/Danielson rematch would no doubt be a cracker.

Nice little confrontation here. Loved Foley offering him a Punk shirt haha. Iím not entirely sure on the whole Ďno rematch clauseí deal although I guess it does add a lot more in terms of competition for a shot. I think we will get the rematch, I just donít know how itíll happen yet but looking forward to seeing how it transpires.

Didnít really like the whole Socko thing here and the Ďnext two round the cornerí thing is a little predictable. Wouldíve marked if youíd had two guys selling popcorn come in, now THAT wouldíve been a swerve. LowJack getting a shot? Shouldnít be a bad match, only one team winning but should be a solid contest.

Awesome Punk promo here mate. Itís very rare to capture a Punk promo where I can vividly imagine every word coming out of his mouth but you did that with this one. His whole pride and professional wrestling vibe was very much a face Punk promo and him wanting in with Danielson can only make this whole angle a shit ton better than it already is.

The AOW Trios Tournament? You always come up with such imaginative stuff. Looking forward to how that unfolds.

Short and sweet from both Joe and Finlay. Exactly as should be, these two let it all out inside that ring. Canít wait to read this main event.

I donít need to say a shit load about the matches really. You know how good a match writer you are and this was no different. I even thought for a split second LowJack may take the gold, thatís how back and forth this one was. You done a great job in making TWGTT seem legit but at the same time under threat if that makes sense? LowJack come out of it looking strong too so props there.

A little disappointed there was no Kingston or Black on the show BUT you did at least make reference to them so I commend you on that. Epic debuts for both so to leave them off tonight was quite a bold move, however understandable considering the other guys needing time themselves.

Really didnít expect Joe and Finlay to team up in the early goings of this but I enjoyed it. This had a really big time kinda feel about it by the way, just the way you set the opening out. Wow, weíre barely even into this contest and you already have such a huge spot. I love to see it but maybe you couldíve built up to that a little later on in the match. Iím nitpicking though, huge move there off the top of the cage. Coming off the commercial Finlay looked like an absolute boss in this thing. He was ruthless, vicious, you name it, just picking apart both men. Muscle Buster off the top was crazy, really was. These two together have had their moments and this right here was another one, this would be one of those rivalries thatíd be looked at as a classic in years to come(if this was a real company duhhh lol). Jericho like the snake he is crawling back into this thing but I LOVED Joe turning the tables only for his knee to give way, excellent stuff and sells that beautifully. The exchange of Samoan Drop into Celtic Cross into Codebreaker was really well done and I always like spots like that in multi man matches, theyíre always exciting.

Ending here was just absolute chaos and thatís what you do best. EVERYBODY and their mother seemed to get involved here. Just carnage and I loved Finlay being caught by Wright not to hit the floor, great, clever little move there. Joe and Jericho battling it out to hit the floor first, the way you presented it to left me on edge and Jericho weasels his way out with his title intact. Awesome stuff, the action, the finish and the use of all those in and around the cage.

WOW, CHRISTIAN IS BACK BABY!! Really didnít expect him to return tonight, didnít expect him to return until the PPV to be honest but itís a MASSIVE return and such a clever use of Foley to finish, hiring CC back and then the match made? Hell of a showdown for This is Exile. War Chamber? Elimination Chamber esque structure? Something similar I assume. All I do know is itís gonna be brutal and itís gonna be one heck of a read.

Fantastic show as ever. Youíre managing to captivate me as a reader each and every show and this week was no different. One hell of a main event, just pure anarchy and then the return of Christian sealed the deal on a terrific read. Keep up the good work sir, look forward to the next one.
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