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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

RAW Feedback

Right my eyes stopped bleeding so here I am...

CM Punk starting off the show is definitely the correct way to go, as I feel Nash screwing him is the biggest talking point on the RAW brand coming off of Night of Champions. Nice way to start with Punk saying he wonít act happy just to please everyone as he should be legit pissed. I felt the shots at Nash playing checkers were a bit cheesy and the same with the gardening crack. I can see the link between Del Rio and Nash but I really hope you donít go down that route, as Del Rio needs to solidify his reign and using Nash as protection wouldnít help him. Enjoyed the Punk part of this promo, some of the jokes were a bit cheesy but it did sound like him and running through the men who could be involved with Nash was sound. I thought Punk apologising to Triple H wasnít needed, he doesnít feel like the kind of guy which would apologise, he would probably just move on without referring to it. Johnny coming out was expected, but I didnít like the way Triple H just clammed up, I imagine he would have had something to say to John for interrupting him. John saying he has no power over Triple H just amplified how Triple H didnít say anything to him, youíd think Hunter would have something to say. Interesting match made here between Punk and Kofi, should be a good one. I thought this was an okay start to the show, if a little uninteresting, I didnít like how Triple H didnít say anything after Johnny came out but weíll hopefully hear from him later in the show.

I know Triple H promised a rematch to Otunga and Michael but the fact that they didnít do what they were asked to and keep Nash out of the arena should mean they donít get a shot, at least thatís what I think. But anyway, nice start to the match, showing Kozlovís strength and then Otungaís smarts. The rest of the match was solid, Iím not sure where you go from here though, I donít know all of your tag teams though so you may have another team ready to challenge as Otunga and Michael shouldnít get another shot. Thought the little bit of commentary from King at the end was very interesting, I really hope we do see a new version of this team because they arenít the most entertaining. Otunga has potential if you choose to use his lawyer gimmick but Michael needs serious tuning.

Brilliant way to introduce Cena, referring to how many times he has failed to capture the title, Striker sounds like a total cunt for doing it. Typical Cena with the cheap pop, interview was spot on though, sounded like Cena and everything he said was good. Only one gripe and that was the ending, it was anti-climatic in my opinion in making us wait until later.

Nice to see some attention to the divas, I can totally see why Kelly would think like that after hearing what the fans were chanting at her. Solid little segment giving some spotlight to the divas, interested to see where you take Kelly and the other Divas.

Mysterio on the microphone is never the easiest thing to do as he isnít a good talker but I feel you done well here. We needed to hear something about the Drew McIntyre thing. I would have liked to hear from Rey about how Vickie Guerrero has been involved in a similar thing to him before, you may have alluded to it at the start, but I wouldíve liked to hear about it in detail, so Rey gets even more sympathy and it makes what happened at NOC that much more annoying. Johnny coming out wasnít expected but I didnít know what went down on the RAW before NOC, so it does make sense now. I havenít seen Brodus Clay in anything other than a comedy face so this is very interesting to me, looking forward to seeing where you take him and a match with Rey will make him look great. This promo was okay, it wasnít anything special but you got the message across that Rey isnít happy and provides a good debut for Clay.

The only result here was a Brodus win as he shouldnít lose in his (re?)debut match. But he did look extremely good in this match and I imagine Rey would have sold everything like a champ. The powerbomb onto the steel chair wedged into the turnbuckle was insane, and I think you asked me about that spot before but Iím not sure. Interesting bit after the match with Johnny with the mask, makes me think weíll see a feud between the two when Rey returns and Brodus will be Johnnyís back up.

Interesting placement here with Ziggler and Vickie, I wouldíve had it later in the show but thatís personal preference. Anyway, Ziggler referring to the previous NOC where he lost and this one where he won was good, I also enjoyed Ziggler putting over what Clay done to Rey, I think Clay will be a big player in this thread. Ziggler telling everyone that they suck was gold, straight to the point and all that, would get him a lot of heat even if it is cheap. Would have liked to have heard something from Drew about last night, and I donít expect him to lie down for Ziggler, I suppose this is where a face turn comes in? Anyway, nothing really huge happened in this promo, but a solid one nonetheless but sets up a few things.

About time we hear from the WWE Champion. Del Rio made a good point about if he was to hire a body guard it wouldnít be someone like Nash so that definitely rules him out. Solid interview here, hyping the announcement for later, really hope itís a good one.

The fact that this match went 17 minutes really surprised me, but in a good way as the two of them put on a pretty good match. Disapointed that it ended without a clear winner but a good match nonetheless and The Miz and Truth getting involved just creates more tension between them and Punk. Liked the aftermath with The Miz and Truth on the mic, I like the dynamic between the two tbh. Miz very serious and talking slowly while Truth is just insane. A tag match between the four is a solid match for the PPV, just hope you keep Punk concerned about Nash.

Laryngitis that was gold. Liked Marella trying to get some consequences for what Clay did to Rey, shows that he really cares about him and the fans will like him even more. Loved Marella screaming and hiding behind Kozlov, just the thing youíd expect him to do. Really dickish thing by Johnny to make them defend their titles again, but that fits his character well, and while I donít expect Truth and Miz to win, they would make much better champions that Kozlov and Marella.

Ryder interview was okay, lolled at Primo not saying a word, such a bitch in this tag team aha. Now I can see why you didnít have Primo speak at all, him turning on Ryder was a good way to get some heat into this feud. Solid video for the Hell in a Cell PPV, while Iím not a fan of gimmick PPVís as I feel it takes away from the matches, Iím looking forward to seeing what you do.

Main event time, if Iím honest I expected Punk and Kingston to get some revenge on Truth but I can see why you kept them out. I would have preferred Del Rio to already be out, perhaps on commentary before the ending. Iím not so sure about the ending to the show, Cena activating his rematch clause against the man who didnít beat him didnít seem right to me. But I suppose a Cena/Del Rio match was expected should be a good match with Del Rio hopefully winning. It needs to get a lot more heated before it deserves a Hell in a Cell though.

All in all, I thought this was an okay show. Nothing really huge happened, everything just progressed without incident. Iím surprised that we didnít hear from Triple H again during the show and Cenaís announcement was a little anti-climatic but despite this, I did enjoy reading it and will be back for SmackDown. Good job, bud <3
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