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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

personally i think they are working much harder with the booking, but 3 hours is just too much. I enjoy the show and find it entertaining, but 3 hours is too damn exhausting, if only they'd book 2 hours with as much effort. Also, i like the low ratings, encourages them to do better. One thing i really DONT want however is for them to start thinking they have to bury Punk just because of the ratings, that sort of mindset is what makes me want to kill Vince.

Originally Posted by NearFall View Post
That list is shockingly true. Especially the Daniel Bryan part. CM Punk at MITB 2011 or Rock whenever/wherever was the only pop/chants in the past 3 or so years, similar to the ones Bryan had for WEEKS after WrestleMania.

"I don't want to watch CM Punk." Unfortunately, a lot of casuals have also adopted that mindset. I am not blaming Punk entirely for the ratings, but he is not helping like a champion should help. I put it down to two things really, personal charisma and presentation. Punk was never portrayed as being that charismatic good good guy when he was a face like Cena. He was more a Cena-lite. And the fact he never even main evented as a champion has cost them dearly. The audience don't care about Punk since he has been treated second best as champion.I never had the "look like a wrestler" opinion/argument, but I can understand where it comes from. As for his promos, I am feeling the same to be honest. The only good one he has had in weeks was with Vince McMahon. I waited for his promo work to evolve above just the respect stuff but nothing has happened. Hopefully they add more layers to his promos in the next few weeks. But I doubt it. Either Punk wins and we get respect stuff, or RyBack wins and we get "FEED ME MORE" and Respect stuff.
i honestly don't think the ratings have a single thing to do with Punk. Punk is one of the only entertaining parts of Raw and his promos are the best heel mic work i've seen in ages, the casuals watch just because they want someone to shut him up or beat him (what a heel's supposed to make the casuals feel like). Also, 3 hours is the reason of all this, put this Cm Punk and this much effort into booking a two hour show and ratings would get better.

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