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Re: With the Raw rating being the worst in 15 years...

Originally Posted by The German Suplex View Post
I see the similarities but the WWE now doesn't have the competition WCW had. TNA isn't big enough of a threat to put the WWE in danger, which basically means that mainstream wrestling/sports entertainment has to die completely to put WWE out of business.

As for point 5, while I agree that the "18 seconds" decision was terrible and a slap in the face for everyone that wanted to see DB at the "biggest stage of them all", Bryan's reaction grew enormously immediately after the match and probably was at an all time high the Raw after WM. So I think, per accident, they didn't kill his momentum and Bryan probably would be less prominent on Raw if this never happened.
I'm talking about the weeks following WrestleMania. When Rock was on RAW afterwards, the YES chants were deafening, not since SCSA has a wrestler solicited such a response with a one-word catchphrase. What did WWE do? Bury Bryan, effectively. They realistically should've had Bryan vs a heel Cena by the Royal Rumble. This would've worked. But they buried him, pushed CM Punk who hasn't got 30% of Bryans charisma and are still milking Super Cena. This reminds me on WCW burying Goldberg and pushing Jeff Jarrett and Kevin Nash.
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