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Hogan's World Titles


WWF World - won from Iron Sheik (01-23-1984) & lost to Andre the Giant (02-05-1988)
WWF World - won from Macho Man Randy Savage (04-02-1989) & lost to The Ultimate Warrior (04-01-1990)
WWF World - won from Sgt. Slaughter (03-24-1991) & lost to The Undertaker (11-27-1991)
WWF World - won from The Undertaker (12-03-1991) stripped of title (12-04-1991)
WWF World - won from Yokozuna (04-04-1993) & lost to Yokozuna (06-13-1993)

WCW World - won from Nature Boy Ric Flair (07-17-1994) & lost to The Giant (10-29-1995)
WCW World - won from The Giant (08-10-1996) & lost to Lex Luger (08-04-1997)
WCW World - won from Lex Luger (08-09-1997) & lost to Sting (12-28-1997)
WCW World - won from Macho Man Randy Savage (04-20-1998) & lost to Goldberg (07-06-1998)
WCW World - won from Kevin Nash (01-04-1999 Finger Poke of Doom) & lost to Nature Boy Ric Flair (03-14-1999)
WCW World - won from Macho Man Randy Savage (07-12-1999) & lost to Sting (09-12-1999)

WWF Undisputed - won from Triple H (04-04-2002) & lost to The Undertaker (05-19-2002)

WWE World Tag Team with Edge - won from Billy & Chuck (07-04-2002) & lost to Lance Storm & Christian (07-21-2002)


NWA World - won from Harley Race (05-??-1979) & stripped that same day
** Hogan pinned Race for the title, but was stripped of the title after review showed he had sent Race over the top rope during the match which was illegal under NWA rules. Title was stripped and returned to Race. NWA does not recognize this switch.

AWA World - won from Nick Bockwinkel (04-18-1982) & stripped (04-24-1982)
** Hogan was champ for 6 days before he was stripped for using Bobby the Brain Heenan's illegal foreign object to win the match. WWE which now owns the AWA does not recognize this title switch.

AWA World - won from Nick Bockwinkel (04-24-1983) & stripped that same day.
** not recognized by WWE.

IWGP - won from Antonio Inoki (06-02-1983) & lost to Antonio Inoki (06-14-1984)
** The IWGP title was originally a once per year tournament of which Hogan was the first champ. There was even a title belt awarded to Hogan. Inoki won the title the next few years, and it eventually became a regularly defended world title. Most sites don't count the tournament wins by Hogan & Inoki in the lineage, but others do.

WCW World - won from Jeff Jarrett (07-09-2000)
** Jarrett laid down for the pin, and Russo gave him a copy of the Big Gold Belt. Never recognized as a title reign by WCW or WWE.

Sting and The Undertaker are the only two wrestlers to have ever beaten Hogan for a world title more than once.

Though Hogan has dominated the head to head series with Ric Flair they are even in world title wins versus each other at one apiece.

Hogan has won three of his 12 official world titles from Randy Savage.

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