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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Alright. Great start to the show. You didn't drag it on and left it so that I would keep reading on. You did capture Lauranitis's personality.

Upset win! I thought this team was not so good, based on their skills alone...their gimmicks were another thing. Anyways I hope you revive the tag division. Well-written for an opening match.

Solid Interview to further hype Cena. Striker was always a good interviewer. Also, good divas segment. I'm getting into this show late but with a few more posts on your end that I will be reading in the future and I will be up-to-date.

As for criticism -boo- so personally I thought that the matches of Brodus Clay and Rey; and DZP vs Swagger and Curt Hawkins. If not then switch the tag team championship match with the other tag team match. Idk, im really picky with a show's progression.

Realistically, that impact Rey took and the way you wrote it, Rey won't be on next week's RAW. I could see him on that spot though.

Took me a while but I read the CM Punk vs Kofi . (rooting for Kofi on that one) but that team of Truth and Punk is getting annoying which means they are great heels, as I wanted a legitimate ending.

So Truth got what he deserved and by tapping out. Too bad Del Rio ruined Cena's celebration but I now see where this fued is going (and what the feuds are)

Overall, phenomenal show. Font was exceptional and nothing was really bad about the format. The way the matches were lined up is a bit questionable to me though. MOTN - Rey v Brodus


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