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Re: 2012-13 English Premier League/Cups Thread (What's the MATA, AVB? Feeling BLUE?)

Originally Posted by The Arseache Kid View Post
It's a weird one. Most of the families are against it and rightly so because it's probably the only way you can guarantee that something like Hillsborough won't happen again by having all-seated stadia. But when you look at it the problem was with the Police and the organisation. Properly organised I think standing could come back and be safe*. Germany (as usual) seems to have it right with seats that can come out.

*Having said that I don't think I trust the Police all that much even today.
Yeah, the Germany example was something that she once addressed and largely dismissed because 'she was only concerned with England'. I accept her position will never be altered, and I don't intend to force her hand, but it was pretty infuriating to hear her basically cite the most basic reply without really understanding what models of safe standing were being considered: I mean at one point she said fences would have to be brought back...which is probably the most stupid thing I've heard in recent memory given those things played a part in the disaster, and combined with piss poor police organisation and less than stellar stands meant a disaster was waiting to happen.

I recall not long ago there was actually an FSF meeting in Liverpool aimed at having a frank talk about safe standing with the families. One lad who's a Liverpool fan and deeply committed to seeing safe standing introduced was pretty brave by all accounts in arguing against the families and putting forward a logical response as to why it should be introduced.

I guess my only complaint is they obviously seem to want nothing to do with it (fair enough given what they lost), but given we exist in a pretty pathetic society who on average will just listen to others rather than think for themselves, its sad to see them basically dismiss safe standing as illogical and improbable and see so many people agree with them without properly looking into the models, as well as the fact that this is about a supporters right to have the choice to stand, given there exists no evidence that standing in itself is an unsafe practice.
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