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Re: Official Team Hell No vs. Team Rhodes Scholars Discussion

Originally Posted by Nostalgia View Post
A whole list of reasons:

- I'm not a fan of Cody Rhodes at all (unlike you). He just screams mediocre, generic, bland, he's a walking CAW, who on top of that isn't as talented as Sandow and it really shows.
That's fine, but it doesn't matter whether you like, dislike, or are completely indifferent to him as you seem to be, they've made it abundantly clear it's a short term team. People on the internet have been saying shit like that about Cody for years, if you ask actual people of the business who know what it takes to be a star, like JR, Heyman, JBL, Booker etc, they'll tell you a different story. If he was so mediocre, he'd have gone the way of Ted Jr/DH Smith/McGillicutty/Uso's etc. He is where he is because he's good, not great yet, but good with the potential to be great.

- They're making out Cody to be the superior of the group which I don't like for reasons mentioned above.
You're preaching to the fucking choir here, completely agree.

- I feel this group was only put together to build Cody back up again and I think they really didn't have plans for Sandow.
I think they are looking to build Cody back up, but Sandow is getting the brunt of the mic work the team is doing. If they weren't interested in Sandow, they wouldn't have paired him with Rhodes, and he certainly wouldn't be working with Kane and Bryan.

- Sandow's character is one that shines on his own. He's a unique and refreshing character and ever since he's started teaming with Cody I feel he's been not as good as he was by himself. Through no fault of his own though, he's been getting less promo time since tagging with Cody (which is bad because that's what he's best at) and the promos are more generic imo. He's no longer talking about saving the unwashed masses, or being your martyr, or giving us a vocabulary lession, instead it's just generic tag team promo content. Sandow's making the best of it, but still...
I somewhat agree here, but his promo's certainly haven't declined. I find with Sandow, he's not just a guy that uses big words and belittles the audience, he seems to fully embrace his character, the facial expressions, the timing, slight little things that he does, whether whilst cutting a promo or not, that seperate him from other upper midcarders like Cody, Miz, Kofi etc.

His "savior" and "martyr" shtick was and still is great, but he has more depth now, he's proving himself to be a versatile performer. Working with guys like Kane and Bryan is allowing him to familiarise himself with more casual fans that may only care about the big segments. He opened Raw and then opened the third hour last night, that kind of exposure is only good for Damien. He isn't a "new guy" anymore, he is firmly established in the upper midcard, a guy that can hang with former World Champions.

- I feel Sandow should be getting the singles push to the top that he deserves. He's certainly got the talent for it, but is being held down the tag team division right now. Despite the rejuvenation of the tag team division at the moment, I still feel Sandow's above that. He should be IC Champion right now or something. This was the guy who shared the ring with DX on the 1000th episode of RAW and now he recently jobbed to Sin Cara...
Right now, the Tag Titles are more important than the IC Title. If he and Cody were challenging Kofi and Truth or Epico and Primo or whatever, I'd agree, but they aren't, they have been working with 3 former World Heavyweight Champions, 2 former WWE Champions. Their match is probably the 3rd most important on the entire show, WELL above the IC Title match. Is that down to Bryan and Kane? YES (pun lol) but working as an antagonist to those two guys is helping Sandow, and getting him more over with the casual fans.

Well you like Cody too, so it's understandable that you would like them together. You may be a bigger Sandow mark than me now, Sandow was my number 2 guy in the company, but now he's fallen to number 4.

I just hope you're right about this team only being short term.
Yes I do like Cody, I also like CM Punk and Kofi Kingston, that doesn't mean I wanna see them together as a team. I hated the idea of this team at first, but the way it has panned out, and the way they have been booked, I'm cool with it. It is definitely a short term team, they stress it on commentary that they aren't a real team literally every time they wrestle.

You might not be a fan of his tag partner, but it's not like he's tagging with David Otunga or Jinder Mahal or something, he's tagging with a guy who's worked with Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio and The Big Show at the last three Wrestlemania's. They aren't exactly a nothing team, they are firmly established at the top of the midcard, with Bryan and Kane, and it is an ascension from the squash matches and low card feuds with Clay and Ryder, he had done previously.

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