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Re: Florida Championship Wrestling 89

We go to the back and Buddy Colt is interviewing Bam Bam Bigelow and Sir Oliver Humperdink. BBB has an FCW world title match in tonight's main event, vs Dusty Rhodes. While BBB works out breaking boards with head butts, Sir Oliver reminds us BBB is the most dangerous man in the entire world, not just wrestling. He tells Dusty all his friends can't help him tonight and when asked for comment, Bigelow just adds "Rhodes tonight I'm leavin' here with that belt!"

Back to the ring and Gordon says he's been notified of some kind of disturbance outside the arena, with police on the scene. As far as he knows it's not going to affect the card tonight but he says safety of the fans and wrestlers is important, and he will keep everyone up to date.

Now it's time for another match with the AWA tag team titles up for grabs. Out first come Chris Champion and Mark Starr, Wildside, in multicolored full length trunks and flashy boots. Wildside gets a good reaction from the female audience and kids, with many of the males also appreciating their high flying style. From the other side of the arena, out come the Destruction Crew, Mike Enos and Wayne Bloom. Gordon says these two are no-nonsense, straight ahead brawlers and out with them comes manager Diamond Dallas Page. Page stops by the announce table briefly and tells Gordon "these two punks are about to get a wrestling lesson!"

Gordon says that remains to be seen and sure enough, Wildside gets the early advantage with quick doubleteam maneuvers. The Crew flee to the stadium grass to regroup, and do so when Enos hits a low blow on Starr while Page distracts the referee. Starr is worked on for some time including doubleteaming in the heel corner, then finally rolls over Bloom while Bloom attempts a backdrop. Starr flies into the ropes and hits a flying elbow, then reaches and barely gets the hot tag to Champion as Bloom tags in Enos.

Enos is getting worked over now and Champion also nails Diamond Dallas, the rookie manager who's up on the apron trying to get referee Scrappy McGowan distracted again. Page is sent to the grass and McGowan is lenient on the five-count. Wildside takes advantage, setting Enos up for the combination suplex/cross body block off the top rope, then Champion dropkicks Bloom as Starr makes the three count to give Wildside the AWA belts.

Crowd gives their strong approval and Wildside definitely appreciate it. They high-five their young fans and get the hugs while going back up the aisle, before they're stopped at the curtain by a man in a suit. Gordon identifies him as Greg Gagne, a long time wrestler and also the son of AWA owner and president Verne Gagne, himself a true hall of famer. We hear Greg tell Wildside "we need to talk" as Bloom, Enos and Page make their way from the ring area to the jeers of the fans.
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