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Re: To those who red rep posters, I take my hat off to you...

Originally Posted by CREDMI View Post
Such a feast for my inner hatred of mankind to enjoy, not sure where to start. I guess I'll start on the worst dish. It's dessert & mum has cooked up utter crap, it's humble pie!!!
I know I said I'd never respond to you, but I guess this is the ingredient that makes this pie so humble. Catalanotto, I included you in the OP under false circumstances & for that I sincerely apologise. I was under the false impression you red repped me for the 2nd thread I posted, but as you proved, this was not the case, you therefore are not a coward, so I have no major problem with your red rep, except for it's obvious lameness. I retract the mention of you in the OP & I'm sorry!!!
That dish made me sick & it caused me to spew it up in the dunny, but I've recovered & am now keen to enjoy the rest of mum's awesome menu.

Entree: catawhatever, while I'm in the retraction mode, I would also like to retract my "you are an unintelligent, insignificant, annoying pimple on the arse of this site & nothing more" comment, what was I thinking??? You're more than that!!! I think the best description for you is an unintelligent, insignificant, annoying GENITAL WART on the arse of this site & nothing more. It's too easy to get rid of a pimple, so yeah, that's more apt, don't you agree?

Main Dish: Th(e)rush, this is the comment where I owned you & you red repped me & there was no mention of D. Hussey:
"Umm, firstly Doherty is 29, about to turn 30, as you mentioned in that post, not sure of the point of asking a question & then answering it, but each to their own I suppose.
Secondly, what age should cricketers play to? How long is a piece of string? Fuck knows, it depends on the player & the piece of string!! When it comes to cricketers, I guess they should continue to play until their passion for the game has died or they are a liabilty to their team, neither of which could be said about Hogg in this tournament.
Also, yep sXe Maverick, I used the Big Bash to support my argument for two main reasons:
1. In the last Big Bash, both Hogg & Doherty bowled to the same/very similar opposition players, so it is a good basis to compare each of their performances.
2. The Australian selectors obviously used it as a guide to pick their side, otherwise a previously retired Brad Hogg wouldn't have even come into consideration in this tourney."

Thrush, what happened in Australia's most important match of the tournament, the Semi final?? Hoggy had very respectable figures of 3 overs & 0/21, while Doherty had figures of 2 overs & 0/23, that's even worse than the 6th part-time bowler D. Hussey!!! Oh shit, sorry, I almost forgot, Doherty also bowled another over didn't he? What happened in that?? He got a wicket didn't he??? If I recall correctly & feel free to correct me, that 1 over yielded a result of 1/25!!!! 61666W & the only reason he got a wicket, was Pollard got caught 2 metres inside the boundary line because he was too tired to muster the required force to hit it over the fence after smashing Doherty for 3 consecutive 6's. Owned again Thrush.

2nd course: sXe Maverick, you got owned in the original comment I made to Thrush too, so put the ball back in your mouth, get back to the dungeon, chain yourself up & brace yourself GIMP!!!

3rd course: This one goes out to the POT, I may be a kettle, but you have darker skin than me, so don't call me black!!! You make comments 24/7 on EVERY subject, I only comment on sports I've played or know inside & out, so how about you get your fat arse away from your computer & get a life!!!
In this thread, you stated you didn't trust me, well that's a mutual feeling, because I don't trust two-faced people either. You publicly lambasted me, yet you green rep me??? Yep, that's two-faced, no wonder you backed down when Bad Blood challenged you to a fight, that would involve 2 things you couldn't handle, leaving your beloved computer & getting your arse whipped!!!

My inner hatred of mankind's stomach is full after that feast, so fuck off you muppets, it's nap time.
Do you expect anyone to read all that?

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