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Re: I HATE When It's Hard To Talk To Girls

Originally Posted by El Chapo View Post
You keep making comments that imply you've been bullied online about your looks, yet claim you're not self conscious.

So tell me about your shoes. Were you bullied online in the past? Do you indeed have a lazy eye? If not, why won't you post your eyes? Do you have a glass eye? A bad case of pink eye? Do you get your ass whooped and suffered a black eye? Two black eyes? Posting somebody elses pic?
There's no getting through to you, I think you lack... something... so let me break it down for you in as much detail as I'm going to give.

1. In 2007, people took photographs of me from Facebook and posted on dating websites and other social networking sites. Since they knew my contact information, name, location, phone-number, address, etc., they matched it all up to make it look like it was me. When I changed my phone numbers, they would log into these accounts and update it. I didn't know what the cause was until one day I Googled my phone numbers and found out.

2. I found out who these people were through the websites, police and i.p. addresses and though I could have pressed charges, I had them agree and sign a clause to delete everything they put elsewhere as me. I made them pay for my phone bills from long-distance numbers. These were people I went to school with a grade behind me. Why they picked me? I don't know.

3. My girlfriend at the time was extremely pissed off and thought I was cheating on her as numbers were calling our house at the time, leaving messages. I'm going on 26 now and even though the problem was resolved two years ago, I still get asked questions to this day if I was cheating on her. I said no, and I continue to say no, but she has other people convinced otherwise. We broke up in the midst of this.

4. If you still don't understand why I don't want a picture of my whole face posted, well then I feel bad for you because you're probably borderline mentally-challenged. It's a matter of confidentiality, you don't need to know what my eyes look like. It's a common thing people do on the internet when posting photos of themselves. Maybe I'll wear sunglasses next time?

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