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Re: The Official BTB Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by ThatWeirdGuy View Post
But another similar question; has anyone got any advice for writing a Hell in a Cell Match? And also a link to one in a thread somewhere would be hugely appreciated
In addition to what Kingpin's got tabbed, there's the Orton/Cena HIAC if you wanna go for non-title hatred

Originally Posted by ChainGangRed View Post
For those who are looking to do WarGames style matches (like Lethal Lockdown), I'd definitely recommend Szumi's WCW 2001/2002 thread and also Wolfy did an elimination WarGames match for a Survivor Series a while back which is still one of my favorite matches ever written.
Props for that. Also reading KOP's Steel Cage Showdown match, too. Both make me feel old.

Originally Posted by FluxCapacitor View Post
Although I haven't reached it yet, I've made a start on The Royal Rumble which will be my very first FULL PPV (Destination X in my TNA thread was recap). Obviously a full PPV is slightly intimidating, particularly for someone who has never done one before, and especially for it being one of the "big four" Pay-Per-Views. I know a few people have just recently finished their PPVs and a handful of others have completed full PPVs before, so any hints/tips/advice with regards to writing them?
Honestly, it's where you let your belt loose/hair down/come unbound/insert 'let all hang out' euphemism here. That's really the only advice (and you can hardly call it that) I can personally give you because everyone has their own thing that works for them. Of course, it never, ever hurts to watch PPV quality matches and read previous PPVs from on here. There's plenty of both to look at, depending on what you're looking for doing with yours. If anything, I find reading some the bigger PPVs on here relieve my anxiety and pump me up to write it. The only other thing I can say is follow through with your plans for it.

But then again, I probably shouldn't be the one giving advice on PPVs. Seeing as how my big shows tend to piss people off for some reason


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