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Re: charmed1 & friends: the PC posse

Originally Posted by legendmaker2 View Post
haha not at all its just funny you make a thread about me, when i clearly said one thing about the amanda todd thing apprently if someone dissagrees with you, you must make a rant and try to prove why your right and were wrong, haha and im sorry pornstars are still human beings just like this girl is, alot of people have done shit wrong in their life doesn't make it right to call someones a slut when their dead and shit haha, and actually i brought it up because i find it funny your making a rant about me, when pretty much not even couple months ago you were the ones making the jokes about little girls and the scrilla dick thing, but now its diff since im talking about pornstars how they show tits and make mistakes just like amanda did even tho i never said it was right for her to do it but she shouldn't be rediclued after shes dead. but good job buddy get dat green rep bro.
Haha actually yes because you posted
Originally Posted by legendmaker2 View Post
i guess you're still butt hurt about the post about jail bait not so long ago, and thats when you messaged me about my grandma, damn but you must really not like this amanda todd girl.
What a embarrassing response by you, first you make things up when you have no arguments like that I am butthurt about something I didn't response to for 3 months (and still would not mention it if you haven't posted about it) what is actually the opposite of being butthurt and after you realized that your post makes no sense at all you come up with "haha not at all". If that's true why do you mentioned it in the first place? And after you realized that was stupid and don't know what else to post you come up with random nonsense "you must really not like this Amanda Todd girl"
Yeah right, everybody who disagrees hates this girl so I guess by your logic everybody who agrees must be in love with Amanda Todd? Do you realize how retarded it sounds?
Then I noticed something you posted today out of the blue in the Amanda Todd thread
Originally Posted by legendmaker2 View Post
this. inb4 dual shock makes another rant about the PC posse.
that means you take the pussy route and instead of replying to me in this thread you spam in the other thread waiting for me to reply. Pathetic

And speaking of that thread 3 months ago. If I remember you was the one who posted that you was not so serious about me so we both realized that we took it too far and we both made up and haven't communicated since then on this forum and now all of sudden you come up with nonsense how we have some kind of beef in this forum because you don't have a better response.
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