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Re: Calum Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

I love a good draft show, I'll feedback differently on this. First I'll feedback on the content of the show and then the picks to either brand. Right let's do this!

1. Right way to go here with Orton starting off the show. What he had to say was spot on, the boss appearing was a nice surprise and I liked the back and forth these two had. Jesus Punt to McMahon! Orton is such a badass, really strong opening segment.

2. Huge main event for next week! Can't wait for that one.

3. Love the Judgement Day promo, thought it needed a point of it's own.

4. Nice diva's bit in the back there, should be intriguing for both titles on one brand. Main talking point is the Punk vs. Kane match. It shows how violent this feud has gone with the attack before the match. And after the match to, Kane has always been a freak but this is new for him. Really eerie Kane.

5. To be honest, I wasn't big on the Edge/Show/Vickie segment. Nothing against you but the feud doesn't really get my attention. However the Spear on Vickie definitely boiled things a little, it's also interesting that Vickie and Show are in a relationship of sorts.

6. I liked the backstage bits, a good tag division always helps. And the Cena/Hardy dynamic was nice talking over Jeff. I sense a feud between the two over the gold sooner rather than later.

7. Koslov/Lashley brawl was nice, giving Koslov the upper hand was needed. This feud is built on just brutality so I don't expect 20 minute promos for these two.

8. Show knocks out Edge, bit of revenge from before. It works well.

9. Love that JBL is back to save commentary, he and J.R should make for a fantastic announce team!

10. Loved the ending! After a nice match we get Taker. Finally we have someone who can take down Legacy.

Now for my thoughts on your drafts.

I thought you evened out the brands very well here, obviously Undertaker is the biggest pick of the night and heads straight after Orton. I think MVP and Mr Kennedy are strong editions to the midcard and The Colons to the tag division. With both diva belts on one show is gonna' be something to watch out for.

On the SD side of things they gained a few great picks. Definitely all upper midcard talent, on a show where I thought more midcard guys were needed. Morrison and Kofi are nice additions along with Kane in his psychotic state of mind. My personal favourites are Jericho and Ziggler though, Jericho can go into a feud with anyone there and make them look good. Ziggler at this point wasn't at his best but I think he's gonna thrive over there. I sense a US title run definitely.

Overall I thought this was your strongest Raw yet. Thought you started off some great new feuds with Orton/Taker and have changed the dynamic for your shows. Looking forward to SD bro <3...
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