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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Matt_Yoda View Post
WM23 still remains as my personal favorite MITB followed by WM21.

Had a huge Royal Rumble itch yesterday so...

Royal Rumble 1999

Quick Thoughts: This was really the Austin/McMahon show, which was both a pro and con. Undercard was forgettable but the WWF Heavyweight Title match is well documented. The Rumble itself like I said was the Austin/McMahon show, no one in the match was considered a threat to Austin other than McMahon so it was guaranteed they'd be the final two. A solid show mainly highlighted by Rock/Foley & a decent, but very predictable Rumble match.


Royal Rumble 2000

Quick Thoughts: One of my favorite Rumbles. Tazz still holds one of the top debuts in wrestling history. Hardys/Dudleys put on an insane Tables Match which somehow managed to get topped by HHH/Foley. Bikini Contest was fun (could've done without Mae Young), Triple Threat was decent and Tag Title match was short. The Rumble match was good, unfortunately it didn't hold up for me. HUGE step up from 99 in overall quality.


Royal Rumble 2001

Quick Thoughts: This was a great show on par with/above last years. This year was more consistent with a solid undercard and an absolutely amazing ladder match; overbooking killed the Heavyweight Title match though. A great Rumble Match and huge step up from previous years. Personally, Kane made this match for me.


Royal Rumble 2002

Quick Thoughts: A very solid show. No standout undercard match this year but some solid stuff overall. The Rumble Match is the real highlight probably my top 5 RR match; everything from the interactions, starpower, consistency and drama put this over the top for me just a fantastic rumble match, predictability aside.


Royal Rumble 2006

Quick Thoughts: Meh show, Rumble placement was questionable but that shows you how much they care for Rey Jr. Some decent stuff, nothing blowaway but a good deal of bad too which really drags the show. The Rumble match was decent, but Triple H's performance was grand he pretty much carried the brunt of the match on his back, that's fucking impressive.
Really hated WM23 Crowd.it was dead for the most part.

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