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Re: charmed1 & friends: the PC posse

Originally Posted by DualShock View Post
That's the biggest issue in the current society, not knowing the difference between common decency and hypocritical PC nonsense.
Even if some people do something wrong people look at them as saints because
-they don't get it that these people are not saints because all the media brainwashed them and made them mindless zombies who only think something is good and something is bad because the media told them so
-they know some people are not saints but are afraid to say it because a bunch of people will call them worse than Hitler for saying that
-they made these people saints to cover their own mistakes and to make themselves better people
Like I said, this is not common decency.
Common decency is not to make fun of the poor people starving in Africa. But it's not common decency if somebody rich in Africa lost all his money on hoes and lost his house in gambling and he starved to death because he was homeless and you criticize the people who don't feel sorry for him.
And in the current society you would read a lot comments like "OMG SOMEBODY STARVED TO DEATH IN AFRICA AND PEOPLE FEEL NOT SORRY FOR HIM. THEY MUST BE RACISTZ"
And nobody would bother to check the facts that he died because of his own stupidity. That is symbolic for our society. People who don't check the facts because the media and a Facebook group said so.
My objection wasn't with people not feeling sorry for the girl. If I came off like that, that was the fault of how I wrote it at the time.

For me you can put any face on this issue and it should come down to just one thing the bullying. Its gotten out of hand. I've worked with some people who had to go through certain issues so I may come across as more hyper-sensitive than I want too.

No one has to say "poor girl" but they definitely shouldn't be calling her a slut or saying she deserved to die. Its just poor taste IMO.

Let's be honest here, bullying would still have no attention if the media didn't have a pretty face to attach to it. But I honestly don't care how it got attention if it helps someone.

Hopefully that clears up my stance on the whole issue.

Though you just branded me with that PC logo...lol. Thats whats going to haunt me.

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