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Re: charmed1 & friends: the PC posse

Originally Posted by charmed1 View Post
Common sense and common decency doesnt make someone PC.
That's the biggest issue in the current society, not knowing the difference between common decency and hypocritical PC nonsense.
Even if some people do something wrong people look at them as saints because
-they don't get it that these people are not saints because all the media brainwashed them and made them mindless zombies who only think something is good and something is bad because the media told them so
-they know some people are not saints but are afraid to say it because a bunch of people will call them worse than Hitler for saying that
-they made these people saints to cover their own mistakes and to make themselves better people
Like I said, this is not common decency.
Common decency is not to make fun of the poor people starving in Africa. But it's not common decency if somebody rich in Africa lost all his money on hoes and lost his house in gambling and he starved to death because he was homeless and you criticize the people who don't feel sorry for him.
And in the current society you would read a lot comments like "OMG SOMEBODY STARVED TO DEATH IN AFRICA AND PEOPLE FEEL NOT SORRY FOR HIM. THEY MUST BE RACISTZ"
And nobody would bother to check the facts that he died because of his own stupidity. That is symbolic for our society. People who don't check the facts and attacking someone because the media and a Facebook group said so.

Same with Amanda. If we had this thread here 2 months ago when she was alive and somebody would have posted that she is a slut nobody would post that she is a victim but we would have a lot of comments how in the current generation the girls acts slutty so young.
She did not killed herself because of the comments, she did it because she was so sensible.
If you red rep me every day and I get banned because I insult you because of that than it's not your fault that I was banned, it's my fault that I am such a pussy and became so emotional because of a red square.

Originally Posted by legendmaker2 View Post
haha dualshock, your funny buddy, im pretty sure what i said was you shouldn't be so hard on a dead girl, who showed her boobs on the internet never said it was okay, but porn stars do it or a celeb does it in a movie and people don't make the biggest deal about it, all im saying shes dead why insult her or anything, good rant buddy, my first rant im in. keep it coming bro maybe you will make the famous rantsomania.

EDIT: you made a rant about a PC posse, i have no clue who anyone else in this forum is in real life, but im in a posse, haha keep the posts coming bro, i guess you're still butt hurt about the post about jail bait not so long ago, and thats when you messaged me about my grandma, damn but you must really not like this amanda todd girl.
This is so hilarious to bring up porn stars in this discussion because this is comparing apples with oranges. That means we are hypocrites, right?
First of all that is like asking why people blame a girl who masturbates in public because a lot of pornstars do it in the movies
Second, the porn stars are entertainers and they have no problems if they call them sluts or bitches because this is part of the entertainment
Third, you don't see a porn star crying after a movie how someone insulted her by commenting "this bitch really loves to suck dicks" and starting to sing "you don't know me"
Fourth, that girl proved that she loves the attention and loves to show how "sexy" she is and she would continue to do so but she failed she acted like a coward again and turned back into a fragile little girl.
You know like a 15y old boy who wants to be tough and wants to look like Tupac and when it comes times to face the music and to really be gangsta he cries for mom and dad and he is the little boy again who wears diaper.

As for the butthurt thing. Yeah, I proved that I am still butthurt because this post happened 3 months ago and I never mentioned you again, never sent you a PM, never red repped you and never stalked you in this 3 months and now I mention you the first time in 3 months amongst 20 other people about something that has nothing to do with it. Yeah, I must be so butthurt because I mention you every 3 months. How weak your argument

But I guess you like to come up with various stuff that happened months ago and is copletely irrelevant when you have nothing else to say

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