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Re: TEW2013 Announced

Contracts (yet again, man updates for contracts much)
#79-81: Contracts (Parts 7, 8 and 9)

As well as Creative Control, which was in previous games, there are now two other clauses that can be used as "sweeteners".

The first is Hiring Veto; as simple as it sounds, if a worker has this clause in his contract then he has the right to stop you making offers to anyone who he doesn't want in the promotion (this only applies to new signings, not re-signings).

The second is Auto Wage Match. If Worker X has this clause and Worker Y is signed to a deal of the same type for a higher wage, then Worker X's contract is automatically updated to match it.

Of course, both these clauses make the contract more attractive to the worker but sacrifice some of your control.

Another new part of contracts is the Non-Compete Clause, which is only available for written contracts. If a worker is under a non-compete clause then he cannot leave the company unless the contract expires or he is released; i.e. no matter how unhappy he gets, he is locked down to that promotion. Of course, as the worker has less freedom under a non-compete clause including one in negotiations makes the offer less attractive.

It is important to note that workers who are not under non-compete clause always have the option of handing in their notice if they get too unhappy - even if they are under a written deal. This is different to previous games where all a worker could do is request a release if he got too miserable.

#82: Sit Outs

Related to the previous entry, workers now have the ability to sit out their contracts if they are under a non-compete clause but are extremely unhappy. This means their is a stand-off - the worker will not turn up for any shows and so cannot be used, but as he is not working the company does not have to pay him. This then continues until the deal expires (or the company releases him). This is quite a rare occurrence though, and would only happen in extreme circumstances.
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