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Re: The Territory Era

Originally Posted by stonefort View Post
So, which of the territories does WWE now own the tape library for?

Or maybe I should say, which of these does WWE *not* own the rights to? I know WWE recently bought the Mid-South/UWF library.
They own almost all of it now. The Pacific Northwest stuff wasn't professionally saved, but supposedly the widow of one of the guys involved has a stash of tapes. Some stuff from this territory has made it to youtube, and it would be impractical for McMahon to try and track it all down.

There is also a lot AWA footage that ESPN still owns, and isn't part of the WWE's AWA holdings. ESPN also still owns the Global Wrestling Federation tapes as far as I know which is quite a lot considering the promotion only lasted around 3 total years. They put out an hourly show of matches every single day (previously taped of course) Monday through Friday after AWA went out of business in 1990. Incidentally, Vince sued the GWF because he argued it was too close to WWF ('global' vs 'world'), but it didn't go anywhere or was dropped, not sure which.

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